Friday, August 09, 2013


When I was Form Two, my mum went to work for the first time in her life. LoL #truestory

Then no one fetching me to school.

So, my brother bought me a bicycle from my cousin. Dont know how much la.

Then I cycle to school everyday.

Not too far, just about, erm 10 minutes tops.

After school, I would cycle to the my favourite chicken rice, tapau my one and only chicken rice, for the entire month, every single day.

Until the ah pek one day told me that actually he can cut other parts of chicken for me so that I dont get bored. And still count the same price. And sometimes gave me some freebies like the neck and butt.

So I changed from normal chicken rice, to drumstick chicken rice, to wing chicken rice, and rotate and rotate. It was RM2.20 per pax I still remember.

The uncle had since change his career to be a plumber. I still saw him on his bike around Perak Road at times when I went home.

Fast forward, about ten years later, I went to Edinburgh.

Bought a second hand bicycle as well.

Cycle here and there. And got stolen after 2 months. ARGH!

I actually found the bicycle in the second hand shop but I cant claimed back, coz I bought it from a second hand shop, which I think is stolen bike as well.

Then I stopped cycling, and another 3 years later, me and my friend operated a home-cook Takeaway business to cater for busy Malaysians during exam period.

And I cycle to deliver those nasi packet to them, still remember how dangerous is that holding 20 packs of nasi, 10 on each handle, and cycling around Edinburgh.

Nolstagic memories.

Just a few days ago, I bought this.

Asking price was 450 ringgit.

But I look at the bike, I gave this friend of mine 600.

150 ringgit duit raya for the children I say.

Hopefully I can burn some fats off, while save on Minyak.

No la, just want to cycle around Kuching.

I tried cycle to my working hospital from my house. 

Wah butt damn pain.

Selamat Hari Raya people.

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