Friday, August 09, 2013

Do you read?

People always underestimate my reading power.

Seriously, where you think I get all my none stop talking ideas from?

I read this piece about a month ago in NYT. (I kid you not, i read guardian and nyt on daily basis)

Funny is when you met some people who talked so much about so many things, 
about their hardship to get all As and still cannot get a scholarship, about the social injustice 
that they are facing that they cant invest in ASN etc

I know we shouldnt judge.

I tried not to judge. But u know, when you know that the person family has got lands 
and shops and houses to collect rent, you cant help but to feel...shut up!

Hmm, we shoudnt judge.

Quiet is a book by Susan Caine which historically finished in a week, and of all places 

- Starbucks.

Quiet is such a craft, I was totally blown away by the ideas that Caine pumped into my head.

Perhaps I must be quieter. 

Yes I should.

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