Saturday, August 31, 2013

Independence Day?

I had an interesting chat with a very learned Sarawakian friend the other day.

He was so adamant that the real Independence Day of Sarawak is 22 July.

(On that date 1963, British Crown was said to have granted the Sarawakians self-Independence, before Sarawak joined Malaysia federation on 16 September 1963)

Now that struck me deeply.

I have this tendency to think too much (TTM). And that TTM Syndrome has caused me so much of my free time, for which actually I could have make use of to pass my exams.

I am trying to think hard of  when is it the real Independence Day of Penang?

Or is it when the first Sultan of Kedah put a Kedah flag on the peak of Bukit Bendera some 100 years before Francis Light came in 1786? (I remembered from History Class 10 years ago, hoho)

Is it when Sultan Kedah leased the island to British and Francis Light took over Penang?

Or is it when Penang joined Malayan Union in 1946?

Or is it when Malaya was formed in 1948?

Or is it when Malaya was granted Independence in 1957?

Or is it when Lim Guan Eng took over Penang in 2008?

Actually what is Independence Day?

Is it the day one of your kind become your leader and collect your hard earned tax money?

I actually asked my Sarawakian friend let just say if Sarawak is not part of Malaysia, would you feel more independent nationalistically? and how is it different?

Is it that because we think that we will feel that the money from Sarawak will stay with the people of Sarawak?

And you wont think that there is any particular leader with songlap the money for their own perusal? That if there is no Malaysia, there will no CMS in Sarawak?

I think Independence is when you feel you are part of the society in which everyone is treated the same.

Right now, it is difficult to feel that we are part of a big family.

Politicians attitude reflects the society's acceptable attitudes, generally (Quote the late Markus Ng)

My TTM is very time annoying at times.

It is difficult for me to understand why I am so in love with this country (actually it is difficult to explained love)

But the thing is;

I feel happy as a Malaysian.

You too will feel happy one day. Especially when your IC, can get you free ATS Mechanical Heart Valve.

Happy National Day People.

(The date is just abstract. We just need to have a reason to have a day to wave our own flag, without feeling childish)

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