Monday, September 30, 2013


What constitute a good man?

No one is consistent in this world. At least my world.

It is like the cars on the road, no one is consistently giving way to another car to go across.

The nicer drivers would, but at times, they dont.

Applying this to my daily life; No one is consistent.

It is actually very difficult to be consistent.

Consistent in what you preach, what you say and what you really think; is a major challenge.

Live like a normal person, let down the fear of being branded inconsistent.

Let go the fear of being labeled, being talked about, being gossiped.

Normality is under rated. One dont have to be exceptional to be outstanding.

Being exceptionally normal is rather difficult.

Especially all the time, all the aspects in life.


Sunday, September 29, 2013


I read a joke not long ago:

Why a building is called a building when it has already been built?

Why they say money dont grow on trees but banks open branches?

There's a few others, cant remember all.


The truth is there is a lot of things in life which is paradoxical.

When accepting seems to be the easier way out,

understanding is a whole other issue.

#payday in 11 days.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Mr Ho's piece on our state of financial affair is very well written.

Those earning less than RM10k and more than RM3k are trapped in this class, whereby you are paying lots of tax (in the context of your earning) and not eligible for a lot of subsidies and assistance, and subjects to a lot of loans and financial commitments expected of you.

and this is even more evident in those who has no family financial background, and worst in those with family financial burden.

The only way to escape this middle class trap, for any doctors is to work very hard, harder than what normal doctors are doing now, to earn until the level that the tax are not touching you anymore.

While I dont know how if feels to be rich, I certainly dont think that I am well qualified to say that I know what it feels to be poor enough to comment on someone's richness.

It is a character problem that one always think of others as having a better life.

and that oneself having the worst life in this planet.

For everyone is fighting is very different battle.

Be nice. Try to.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I tried hard to stick to what I set out to do each day.

Difficult nya!

It is damn true that they say, everyday we are battling.

A battle of deciding between doing something we really want to do or something of an easier way out.

Everyday I fought myself whether to get up to go work, or easy way out - to continue to sleep.

At work I fought myself whether to do the work or to just do it later. Or easy way out - to let someone else do it later.

When at lunch I fought myself whether to skip lunch since I had breakfast to cut down the calorie intake, or easy way out - to eat.

When home I fought myself whether to read some medicine, or easy way out - to read news and surf facebook.

When I felt sleepy I fought myself whether to continue reading, or easy way out - to sleep till tomorrow.

For each day is a battle itself.

Small but significant battle.

We define our own victory, within our context. Easy way out is a victory at some point.

For now, I decided to NOT to facebook.

Blog can la, it takes only a few moments of my time- to say out what I want to say.

And no need to know what the rest is saying. So kaypoh. and be affected by what is happening around me.

I thought that was the way of living before facebook came into picture?

Say no to facebook!

and yes, I can still count pay day!


(yes, just two days after the September Pay Day, our October Pay Day is coming soon!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013


I was there in Stadium Negeri Sarawak last weekend when the Crocs beat Kedah 6-1. A full stadium of 30 thousand supporters in red must be a hell of place to go for the Canaries, or any other teams.

No this piece is not about the football match. This piece is about our country; Malaysia.

I was born and bred in Penang Island and I came to Kuching in 2010 for work. When I was in school many years ago, my favourite subjects were Geography and History, and I read a lot about my country, and I thought I know a lot about my country.

No, I was wrong. There is so much that I do not know about my country, considering the amount of knowledge about the two East Malaysia states that I have.

The way of life of the indigenous people, the lives along the Rajang River and the myriad of languages spoken even among the same ethnic of people was simply astonishing. Sarawak is so rich and so diverse in cultures and there is so little that we, the Peninsular Malaysians know of.

It saddens me at times when we read of the heaty exchanges the abuses hurled between the Peninsular Malaysians and East Malaysia. The championing the idea of the Independence of Sarawak versus the so called arrogance autonomy in certain aspects of the law. This is especially  elevated at the peak of campaign during the General Election when the sentiments ran high.

But last weekend, I was simply blown away for 1 and half minutes.

When Negaraku was played and sang loudly and proudly by the 30000 Sarawakians, it is simply overwhelmingly beautiful.

I hope our leaders, while might be too held up with racial polarisations, religion and beliefs disputes, ailing economy state and education systems disagrement, will find the strength and will to address the issue of integration between the two parts of Malaysia.

We are 1 Negara people.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sabah Sarawak Games 2013

I remembered walking in the MMA Sarawak Branch office as a new committee member earlier this year and I saw a very nice silver plate momento with the wordings:

"Thank you for hosting us, Sarawak MMA
- From; Sabah MMA 2010"

That was the start of the effort to get this meaningful event resurrected after 3 years of absence. The two MMA Branches in East Malaysia have this tradition of hosting one another for an annual sports meet to foster better ties between the members.

We immediately contacted our counterparts in Sabah and to our surprise, they were also planning to resurrect this tradition! I must thank Dr Vasanthi, the SCHOMOS Sabah Chairperson for incredible enthusiasm to get this event going. Also, gratitude to the MMA HQ who has been superbly supportive of this cause, and agreed to approve our request for partial sponsorship of the logistic expenses to go there.

The date 15 September 2013 was chosen, and a group of 26 of us in Sarawak were all geared up to challenge our Sabah counterparts in Tennis, Futsal and Badminton. The contingent members were a good mix of young doctors - mainly medical officers and house officers and a bunch of senior doctors. We managed to get some training sessions organised, in spite of the busy and differences in working schedule.

Unexpectedly just a week before the event, we were informed by the Director's office that the Malaysia Day 2013 National Level celebration would be taking place in Kuching on the same weekend! This is a major setback, as the directors' office rightfully freeze most of our players' leaves. But we understand that duty is our priority and those of us who are in the medical escort and emergency team for the celebration have to forgo this trip. As all of them has already purchased the flights and accommodations, and this turn of the event is a duty call, we decided to keep to our promise to reimburse them the amount that were due to offset their lost.

Our contingent number then shrunk to 13 and we have no choice but to recycle our players to play more than their preferred sports to challange the Sabah MMA members. On 14th of September, there were 13 Sarawak MMA doctors who flew over to Kota Kinabalu, carrying racquets and futsal boots as hand luggages.Upon landing and after checked in to our budget service apartment, we head straight to the famous delicious seafood of KK. I must say KK is the place to go for value for money seafood!

The next morning, all 13 of us concluded that either Sabah MMA is a fantastic host and there is actually "Udang di Sebalik Batu". We were all so well fed for Breakfast before the Badminton and Tennis Games and followed by another huge Lunch before the Futsal game. Predictably, we lost most of the matches. (The excuse given by our players were the feedings were too good and therefore we cant play anymore! - LOL)

The closing ceremony was done in a seafood restaurant and I had my biggest dinner in months there, and I think as one of our futsal player commented, are we here for Sports tournament or food trip? Indeed, a good mix of both I must say.

I humbly find that the networking and sharing of our working stories between the two sides of doctors were very stimulating and heartening. We had a good amount of exchanges of ideas and experiences. There is indeed so many similarities between the doctors serving the two states.

In every edition of Sabah Sarawak Games according the the records, the victory has always go to the host Branch. The overwhelming home advantages was difficult to be offset. But we are looking forward, to get back the Challenge Trophy, next year, in Kuching. See you next year Sabah MMA~!! Thank you!



The key to happiness

Is to know less of peoples problem.

And share less of selfs problem.

And therefore i let go.

Of facebook. :)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Very nice video.

Hai, from a frequent daily blogger many years ago, to weekly blogger, to now, probably monthly blogger.

Nothing much to update really.

My life like my brog, - bored. (creativity marks yeay!)

Saturday, September 07, 2013


I spent 5 years in Medical School thinking that I will do public health when I graduate from medical school.

That is why I didnt bother to apply for a job in UK to experience the first world healthcare, first hand.

At that time, I felt that my clinical skills and interests are both not up to par, and truthfully until today, I still think that my knowledge is still very lacking.

The transition started midway through housemanship. The number of sick people is so so many, and I felt the calling to do clinical.

That as a human who is entrusted with Dr infront of my name, it is my job to master clinical skills first and do the job that I am entrusted to.

I dont know how to put it in words, but I sincerely felt that is very important to try to serve using your hands and brains in clinical medicine/surgery, before embarking on Public Health or Administrative.

Also, I felt it is only when you have done 10-20 years of clinical that you would realise what is important, what is crucial, and what is not.

I can pick so many examples of unnecessary bureaucracy and unwise requirement set out by the administrative to the doctors.

For example, the SKT. Seriously, SKT is the single most useless in terms of improving our performance as doctors. I did not find the yearly appraisal of our job scope to be able to put down to papers, as our appraisal stem from the time we spent with patients and ward.

I did Business and Management as Diploma, and actually I am highly researched on the aspect of Human Resource Management and I can tell you in all honesty, this half yearly appraisal doesn't work well in Medicine.

And the worst is that this SKT marks is taking into account in the further postgraduate applications.

But unfortunately, the administration think otherwise, but of course, it is in their wisdom and I am just stating my point of view.

The people that are sitting in the administrative offices making adminstrative decisions must be those who have adequate medical and clinical experience, in my opinion.

Young doctors should gain more clinical experience, and that is important.

I used to tell one of my friend;

Administrative is for those who really really wants to make change to clinical settings, and knows how to;

or those who really really needs a life; and time with family; and not bother with the above.

If you are neither, then it is probably better dont go in yet.

Once the inertia set it, we would lose a Dr in service, and sadly gain a paid (highly) secretary with 5 years medical school training.

And may I humbly said that the 5 years medical school training does not differ you from a 2-3 years MBA trained administrator.

Anyone can do admin, and of course you can argue that some can do better;

but when you can treat, why not treat first?

then admin later;


Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Probably the worst news this week.

RON 95 go up by 20 sen.