Monday, September 23, 2013


I was there in Stadium Negeri Sarawak last weekend when the Crocs beat Kedah 6-1. A full stadium of 30 thousand supporters in red must be a hell of place to go for the Canaries, or any other teams.

No this piece is not about the football match. This piece is about our country; Malaysia.

I was born and bred in Penang Island and I came to Kuching in 2010 for work. When I was in school many years ago, my favourite subjects were Geography and History, and I read a lot about my country, and I thought I know a lot about my country.

No, I was wrong. There is so much that I do not know about my country, considering the amount of knowledge about the two East Malaysia states that I have.

The way of life of the indigenous people, the lives along the Rajang River and the myriad of languages spoken even among the same ethnic of people was simply astonishing. Sarawak is so rich and so diverse in cultures and there is so little that we, the Peninsular Malaysians know of.

It saddens me at times when we read of the heaty exchanges the abuses hurled between the Peninsular Malaysians and East Malaysia. The championing the idea of the Independence of Sarawak versus the so called arrogance autonomy in certain aspects of the law. This is especially  elevated at the peak of campaign during the General Election when the sentiments ran high.

But last weekend, I was simply blown away for 1 and half minutes.

When Negaraku was played and sang loudly and proudly by the 30000 Sarawakians, it is simply overwhelmingly beautiful.

I hope our leaders, while might be too held up with racial polarisations, religion and beliefs disputes, ailing economy state and education systems disagrement, will find the strength and will to address the issue of integration between the two parts of Malaysia.

We are 1 Negara people.

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