Thursday, September 26, 2013


I tried hard to stick to what I set out to do each day.

Difficult nya!

It is damn true that they say, everyday we are battling.

A battle of deciding between doing something we really want to do or something of an easier way out.

Everyday I fought myself whether to get up to go work, or easy way out - to continue to sleep.

At work I fought myself whether to do the work or to just do it later. Or easy way out - to let someone else do it later.

When at lunch I fought myself whether to skip lunch since I had breakfast to cut down the calorie intake, or easy way out - to eat.

When home I fought myself whether to read some medicine, or easy way out - to read news and surf facebook.

When I felt sleepy I fought myself whether to continue reading, or easy way out - to sleep till tomorrow.

For each day is a battle itself.

Small but significant battle.

We define our own victory, within our context. Easy way out is a victory at some point.

For now, I decided to NOT to facebook.

Blog can la, it takes only a few moments of my time- to say out what I want to say.

And no need to know what the rest is saying. So kaypoh. and be affected by what is happening around me.

I thought that was the way of living before facebook came into picture?

Say no to facebook!

and yes, I can still count pay day!


(yes, just two days after the September Pay Day, our October Pay Day is coming soon!

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