Saturday, September 28, 2013


Mr Ho's piece on our state of financial affair is very well written.

Those earning less than RM10k and more than RM3k are trapped in this class, whereby you are paying lots of tax (in the context of your earning) and not eligible for a lot of subsidies and assistance, and subjects to a lot of loans and financial commitments expected of you.

and this is even more evident in those who has no family financial background, and worst in those with family financial burden.

The only way to escape this middle class trap, for any doctors is to work very hard, harder than what normal doctors are doing now, to earn until the level that the tax are not touching you anymore.

While I dont know how if feels to be rich, I certainly dont think that I am well qualified to say that I know what it feels to be poor enough to comment on someone's richness.

It is a character problem that one always think of others as having a better life.

and that oneself having the worst life in this planet.

For everyone is fighting is very different battle.

Be nice. Try to.

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