Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Very good movie.

Only two persons from the begining till the end (ohya, there is one at the beginning but tak kira la)

just like the way the story is told.

So original to me.

Helplessness, calamities after calamities, all with strong will to get through those.

Engaging story line. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Sunday, October 06, 2013


The passing of Apap overshadowed this match that I watched in the Stadium Negeri, Sarawak Vs Sime Darby.

Great game really. 

The spirit and belief in all the Sarawak players that this is their Fort, and they would not lose in front of their full stadium is overwhelming.

Especially after down by 1 goal (away goal), they needing two to overturn the deficit, and two they got! And then another one to kill the game.

The way the supporters all rally behind the team is comparable to any other stadium I have been before. 

Anfield, Nou Camp, Ranger Park you name it, Sarawak is on par!

Looking forward for the next game!

Sarawak Vs Pahang 26 October! 

RIP Apap.

I received a message from a friend that says:

Hey Ang, just to let you know if you havent heard, Apap kmb passed away. Scuba accident
Very sudden.

He is such a character that you wouldnt forget.

I dont know how to describe him actually. Have read alot of posts on FB regarding his passing, with some of my friends written a short paragraph about him, kind and warm reminder to us on how this man who we knew for some years.

I first knew him in Banting, first year. He is sort of like a parasit I must say, I told him he is a parasit. He would come, lie on my bed, and starting eating my biscuits. 

But he gives a good chat. He is a person that looks superbly lazy, walked slowly...sleeps and on the bed all the time. Your bed, TV room floor, just not working. Not studying. Not doing things that we as scholars always do.

But he has this aura which is, erm, how to say, got a very pacifying effect. No one can ever scold him for taking your biscuits, because he is so Apap.

He is just, Apap. Always claimed that he scored more As than me.

Keep calling me Cina. and Eric too. Bilik Cina.

Number one fan of Manchester United. We used to hang out in Sapek/Sopek room at the end of the block, discussing about Man Utd.

We used to plan our stay in Manchester when I got placement in Manchester University. But I decided to go to Edinburgh in the end.

One of his most memorable sentences to me is when he told me that he likes to watch tv. This Apap can watch really, everything. He told me when he was young all he did was watching tv. News, drama, movies, documentary, talks, etc etc. And he enjoys TV so much so that he spent most of his time in TV room.

It is amazing his general knowledge level for someone who did read that much, only newspaper and TV. I used to think.

And one more thing, he will always be there at 4.30pm, on the field. To play football. 

Small size, not the best of football skills, but very deep insight and knowledge about football. There is so much that I learnt from him about football, subconsciously.

Came to edinburgh to play the super cup, I hosted his team. Prank him to the storeroom door saying that I have got a special room for him.

I think the more I write, the sadder I gets.

RIP Apap. 

"Boleh Relax?" - Your motto in BTN, loud and clear ringing in my ears now.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

At last!

Amidst TTM

Picked up a ball from left side

Push forward,

Close eyes



Scored a goal from outside box.


(First 11 a side goal since last scored in 2010.

Friday, October 04, 2013



Came home.

Big rain.



I have a theory that the more good things I do the karma I get is usually bad things.

In med school last time, I saw a homeless, went and get some money from ATM and back to him to buy the Big Issue Magazine that he was selling (They wear shirt saying they are selling BigIssue, not Begging)

After that while on the way home, I got whacked by a drunkard who insisted me as Bruce Lee.

(spectacles pecah)

There are alot of other happenings of that sort.

Joking aside, I do believe this theory that times.

I did so many crime as a young boy in school, and my journey past the schooling time has been smooth. Very smooth.

Nowadays, I did so many good deeds each day, hmmmmm...worrying!

Yesterday on the way back from futsal, I went to pump petrol.

A rented Sonata with four specky Chinese from China in coat asked me where is Four Points Hotel.

I said go straight and turn left and it is very far. Just ask someone else there later.

Then they thanked me and left, still very blurred presumably.

I got in the car, go straight, and saw them still moving very slow, maybe trying to Google Map.

We stopped at the traffic light, I cut infront of him and lowered my window and asked them to follow me.

My friend in the car said: Wah, ang you so nice ah.

But this is not even close to the favour I usually do to other strangers.


Better dont go anywhere .

Karma awaits.

I do believe. Really.


Tuesday, October 01, 2013



As a semi Man Utd supporter (I do own a Man Utd Jersey - courtesy of Edinburgh friends led by Purchaser Dr Tay Poh Sen and Dr PPLee), I do follow Man Utd's games more closely than other teams in BPL.

The change in managerial ranks this season marked an end of a remarkable, epic era of Red Devils Winning Lifestyle, crafted by the legendary boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

But it is also a new beginning to life without SAF. David Moyes for now.

Oh well, every ending is a new beginning, some what.

Things changes, feeling changes, players form changes, and team spirit shaken.

There wont be a forever winner in any games.

Because the game changes, and the rules changes, and luck changes.

They always say that our character is judged by what we do when thing changes, especially for the worst.

Similarly in the case of football fanatics.

Man Utd over the years had their deservedly wining ways due to stability and longevity of their players and manager, now all that is coming to an end.

It is time to test the feeling of lost and instability.

I will not go to the extent of proclaiming only true fans will stay and the fake ones are those that leave;

I actually find it irritating for someone to proclaim that.

There is actually some room for inconsistency you see.

I remembered my world-changing-conversation in the football field of Meadows Edinburgh about 6-7 years ago, with a random white guy.

-There is no apparent reason to explain why one is a die hard supporter of a football club that has nothing to do with you. You can be hard core supporters when you are young and innocent, but in a sound mind, no, there is a limit.

Unless your dad is playing, or your son is playing for that club.

I admire Man Utd's winning ways.

When they dont play well, I admire their come backs.

But I definitely wont cry when they lose.

I do when Malaysia loses though.