Tuesday, October 01, 2013



As a semi Man Utd supporter (I do own a Man Utd Jersey - courtesy of Edinburgh friends led by Purchaser Dr Tay Poh Sen and Dr PPLee), I do follow Man Utd's games more closely than other teams in BPL.

The change in managerial ranks this season marked an end of a remarkable, epic era of Red Devils Winning Lifestyle, crafted by the legendary boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

But it is also a new beginning to life without SAF. David Moyes for now.

Oh well, every ending is a new beginning, some what.

Things changes, feeling changes, players form changes, and team spirit shaken.

There wont be a forever winner in any games.

Because the game changes, and the rules changes, and luck changes.

They always say that our character is judged by what we do when thing changes, especially for the worst.

Similarly in the case of football fanatics.

Man Utd over the years had their deservedly wining ways due to stability and longevity of their players and manager, now all that is coming to an end.

It is time to test the feeling of lost and instability.

I will not go to the extent of proclaiming only true fans will stay and the fake ones are those that leave;

I actually find it irritating for someone to proclaim that.

There is actually some room for inconsistency you see.

I remembered my world-changing-conversation in the football field of Meadows Edinburgh about 6-7 years ago, with a random white guy.

-There is no apparent reason to explain why one is a die hard supporter of a football club that has nothing to do with you. You can be hard core supporters when you are young and innocent, but in a sound mind, no, there is a limit.

Unless your dad is playing, or your son is playing for that club.

I admire Man Utd's winning ways.

When they dont play well, I admire their come backs.

But I definitely wont cry when they lose.

I do when Malaysia loses though.


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