Sunday, October 06, 2013

RIP Apap.

I received a message from a friend that says:

Hey Ang, just to let you know if you havent heard, Apap kmb passed away. Scuba accident
Very sudden.

He is such a character that you wouldnt forget.

I dont know how to describe him actually. Have read alot of posts on FB regarding his passing, with some of my friends written a short paragraph about him, kind and warm reminder to us on how this man who we knew for some years.

I first knew him in Banting, first year. He is sort of like a parasit I must say, I told him he is a parasit. He would come, lie on my bed, and starting eating my biscuits. 

But he gives a good chat. He is a person that looks superbly lazy, walked slowly...sleeps and on the bed all the time. Your bed, TV room floor, just not working. Not studying. Not doing things that we as scholars always do.

But he has this aura which is, erm, how to say, got a very pacifying effect. No one can ever scold him for taking your biscuits, because he is so Apap.

He is just, Apap. Always claimed that he scored more As than me.

Keep calling me Cina. and Eric too. Bilik Cina.

Number one fan of Manchester United. We used to hang out in Sapek/Sopek room at the end of the block, discussing about Man Utd.

We used to plan our stay in Manchester when I got placement in Manchester University. But I decided to go to Edinburgh in the end.

One of his most memorable sentences to me is when he told me that he likes to watch tv. This Apap can watch really, everything. He told me when he was young all he did was watching tv. News, drama, movies, documentary, talks, etc etc. And he enjoys TV so much so that he spent most of his time in TV room.

It is amazing his general knowledge level for someone who did read that much, only newspaper and TV. I used to think.

And one more thing, he will always be there at 4.30pm, on the field. To play football. 

Small size, not the best of football skills, but very deep insight and knowledge about football. There is so much that I learnt from him about football, subconsciously.

Came to edinburgh to play the super cup, I hosted his team. Prank him to the storeroom door saying that I have got a special room for him.

I think the more I write, the sadder I gets.

RIP Apap. 

"Boleh Relax?" - Your motto in BTN, loud and clear ringing in my ears now.

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