Friday, October 04, 2013


I have a theory that the more good things I do the karma I get is usually bad things.

In med school last time, I saw a homeless, went and get some money from ATM and back to him to buy the Big Issue Magazine that he was selling (They wear shirt saying they are selling BigIssue, not Begging)

After that while on the way home, I got whacked by a drunkard who insisted me as Bruce Lee.

(spectacles pecah)

There are alot of other happenings of that sort.

Joking aside, I do believe this theory that times.

I did so many crime as a young boy in school, and my journey past the schooling time has been smooth. Very smooth.

Nowadays, I did so many good deeds each day, hmmmmm...worrying!

Yesterday on the way back from futsal, I went to pump petrol.

A rented Sonata with four specky Chinese from China in coat asked me where is Four Points Hotel.

I said go straight and turn left and it is very far. Just ask someone else there later.

Then they thanked me and left, still very blurred presumably.

I got in the car, go straight, and saw them still moving very slow, maybe trying to Google Map.

We stopped at the traffic light, I cut infront of him and lowered my window and asked them to follow me.

My friend in the car said: Wah, ang you so nice ah.

But this is not even close to the favour I usually do to other strangers.


Better dont go anywhere .

Karma awaits.

I do believe. Really.


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