Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Suddenly I thought of my 4 months in A&E department at the very end of my housemanship.

My work in CTC is mainly involving somewhat like an Anaest work.

I kind of like ICU settings, the work, the scope and etc. Kind of like it.

I am thinking what would I be, what would my world be today; had I opted for Anaest last time?

What are the advantages of A&E for 4 months?

I looked at my colleagues who went Anaest, actually I felt it is undeniable that Anaest's HO job seemed easier.

And to justify and defend the pride of us in A&E, last time I used to say that they wouldnt be able to see Green Zone, if they do locum.

Not very right I feel, actually I think whoever also can see Greenzone.

But I think the most important advantage of A&E placement is that it really brings out the real character.

If a doctor is the type who have bad tempered, impatient, he or she would not be able to hide it in A&E.

The jobload, patient's number, ridiculity of the type of presentation and the timing of consultation you see patients in Greenzone will bring out the real personality.

I feel la.

If one didnt raise his/her voice in the Greenzone of A&E SGH, he or she is a good person.

TO be honest actually, I scolded patient.

Cannot tahan.

I remembered one episode of me losing my temper.. 

There was this son of a very healthy looking auntie who complains of pain everywhere, whose son just thrown to me her medical card and asked me to see myself her medical record.

I lost it at that time.

Of course, there was also thisone time I was very polite and nice to an auntie, and it turned out to be my friends grandma.

The good words from the grandma via my friend, still makes me smile when I am down.

That is why I doctored. still.

Kami sedia membantu.

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