Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Albert and WanJean

I will always remember last weekend.

I went back to Penang, (after much scoldings from my fellow friends) to attend one of my closest friends' wedding.

People grow and people change, our mindset, understanding, feelings and likings, changes with time.

But apparently, all of us, after all these years, (10 years), nothing has changed.

I delivered a very spontaneous speech as my friends' Bestman during his reception dinner night.

But I think I performed well under my own liking for a best man speech


Here you go, a speech that I sat here, and gave some thoughts to,

for newlywed Albert and Jean.

The one I gave on stage the other day is just a standup comedian type of speech to keep your guest entertained.


Thank you Albert, Thank you Jean for remembering me and honouring and giving a value to our friendship;

and by that I am proud, because you value our friendship, above the other 570 guests we have today to celebrate your union; and by that I mean I am more friend to you than Swee Heng, or Joon Kee, or Kuhan, or James Kho, or Chee Boo, all the other nominated Heng Tais of yours.

and I expect laughter from the floor, if you guys don't mind.

I have known Dr Albert Lim Zi Shen, for over 15 years.

Yes, One Five - if we have children together, now they are doing PMR already.

and I expect laughter as well.

So I googled using my Samsung S2 about an hour ago after being informed regarding my role tonight, to address half a thousand people, discussing about our past and you and your wife's future.

No I didnt, because signal is not that good.

I guess Bestman's Speech should be on how good are you, and how lucky is Jean isn't it?

Ok, that would be simple.

We kind of do a lot of things in school together, and off school together too.

By that I mean tuition, of course - we are Penang Free School, what do you expect. We go to school to learn society's value and true academic learnings are all in tuition centre.

Lets see, in school - Albert is always the Class Monitor, every blardy year. Teachers always pick him as our Monitor.

So then I concluded that man and woman above age of 30 will trust him more than the other 30 odd boys.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the same applying to his In-Laws.

You look at Albert, and his specs - so can be trusted look!

I would put my daughter in his care if he wants!.

and in all seriousness, let me assure you that is actually very accurate decision, my respectable parents of Wan Jean. He is a man of responsibility. Dont you worry.

His other points?

He is an intelligent man, top scorer in School, and then went to UK to read medicine, and now holding a follow-through program in Paeds training. How brilliant more you want!

So Mr and Mrs Lim, well done! Your parenting skill is of highest level.

Anything else good about him?

Man is very simple organism; and there are a lot of them -

But it is exceddingly rare you can find a man who does not smoke, does not gamble, does not drink much, does not talk as much as me,

be successful from his own effort rising from his humble background,

can talk with the angmohs in accent and then talk to us in hokkien,

can keep my mum so happy and always ask me to follow him follow him follow him

and that I give you - Albert Lim.

Ladies and Gentleman,

I would not take too long of your time for this speech. We are all hungry I know.

To Albert my friend, and Wan Jean; I wish you with all my sincerity,

Have a bless marriage.

Let me just say that people are born individuals.

and for two individuals without blood relationship to be bonded together,

the chemistry needs to be always kept in checked.

Love is the chemistry I meant.

Time will test the strength of that chemistry.

Place will test the strength of that chemistry.

Outside people will test the strength of that chemistry.

You yourself will test the strength of that chemistry.

And if unfortunately the frustration sets in,

I hope you would remember;

that people will always say things that they want you to listen.

Everyone will

Wan Jean will say things that Albert wants to listen.

and Albert will say things that Wan Jean wants to listen.

But it is ourselves, that deep inside us, deep inside you two, that need to do a thorough search, to find that reason, to find that chemistry;

to listen, and to say things that both of you want to say, that both of you want to listen, in all honesty, and sincerity.

Very deep isn;t it; This comes from the Ang Choon Seong - Buaya King of Penang Free School;

How peculiar

I just want to finish this rambling, but saying that,

Marriage is a blessing. Really.

Here you are willing to put yourself in the commitment to be together, with someone else, forever.

and forever,

ladies and gentleman,

is what we wish them.


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Albert Lim said...

Choon Seong, thank you so much! My sincere apologies for the delayed comment. It is a great honour to have you on our special day. Thank you for your speech on that day and thank you for writing such a beautiful speech for us. We are forever grateful to have good friend like you. Jean and I, as well as my parents, always believe that you are a great man and will one day be even greater than any of us. Personally, I always admire your adaptability and ability to succeed; always remembered how you turn our school cooperative from loss to profit within weeks of you joining, how well you speak and write... And the list goes on. You are my closest friend whom I have the utmost respect for. Therefore, we are very thankful that you came to our wedding. May our friendships forged in high school, re-kindled in this wedding and continue to burn bright. Always.