Monday, December 02, 2013

Far and Sure, For Golf And Country - by Zaid Ibrahim

Just finished the book by Zaid Ibrahim the famous resigned-Minister:

Far and Sure; For Golf and Country

This book is a good read. It is written on the theme of the game of Zaid's loving - Golf.

Chapters and chapters he unfold the stories about his travel to various golf courses around the world and our own country.

Golf is probably one of the least sports I knew, and of course this read is a good reminder on my uni days when I spent a few hours with my friend Ebby and Wafi in Edinburgh, trying to pick up a little on this mysterious sports.
Yes, Like what Zaid mentioned, there are many local council-run golf courses across the small towns and cities in UK. This is one of them that I went twice.

Anyways, what I like about this book is how he tells his stories - his travels, his reasons why he likes this sports so much (well, it is quite repetitive, but hey, you only need one reason to love something)

And to my liking he sticks in some of his political opinions in between chapters.

Once a politician, always a politician. He has some good views and opinions which are very enlightening and heartening. I do share most of his sentiments and I am a bit let down by his retirement from active politics (for now well)

He did at one point made a bold statement of defining what he constitutes a halal meat; you have to read it to find it okay! no spoon feeding!

Another point to note that perhaps writing down what you think regularly is important. Zaid's book is mostly based on his travel, what he was thinking at that time or what he felt at that time.

20 years down the line, if he is still around kicking, he would read back the book and surely it brings back good and sweet memories.

I think I should write more regularly too.

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