Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It has been awhile since I last expressed my opinion on serious issues.

I followed the recently concluded Annual, Perhimpunan Agung Umno with sadness, as per last year, and last last year, and last last last year.

After all, it is still the same same thing every year.

The future looks bleak for the a Malaysia nation that I dreamed of, a country in which everyone who holds the IC, is treated equally..

The UMNO leadership who are the policy makers and administrators of this/?my country is still talking about Malays' Unity, after so many years.

1Malay they say.

The saddest thing perhaps, to me, is there is someone among the leadership who can think of the concept of creating more Malay Millionaires.


Why you want Millionaires?

Why not you want 10 Malay families with RM100000?

Why must you want 1 Malay having RM1000000?

Is that how you measure the height, the success, the achievement of your race? the Towering Malays? the number of Malay Millionaires?

Is that better than creating a Kampung whereby there is no Millionaires but every family has household earnings of more than RM10k/month?

Is having 10 Malay Millionaires, with all their children in UK universities under Mara and Petronas scholarship and at the same time there are 100 Malay families who are earning way below the poverty line

better than

having 100 Malay families above poverty line and comfortable life, with good education and opportunities for their children?

The saddest thing in my life, whenever I heard that I will always feel abit down,

is when someone said

You Chinese Have So Much Money.

Your foot.

Unless you think all chinese shit gold.

One Chinese family has 2 motorbikes, rented room to stay for four people up until the eldest son worked after Form 3 before they are able to rent a low cost flat from a Malay.

Demand the Government to create more Malay Millionaire.

What retard.

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