Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I read the comments and opinions regarding the recent price hikes and subsidies cuts in our country.

And many, especially the oppositions have slammed the ruling politicians for these decisions.

Janji tidak ditepati, they say.

I felt a conscience in me to voice out what I think about this quagmire.

All of us, including the many learned members of the parliament, some who have doctorate in Economics, understand that our current framework of economy is not optimal nor sustainable.

It is not easy to be in the hot seat to make non populist decisions, and this is proven by the absolute silence from the ruling governments.

It is easy to make comments when you are not required to make that non populist decisions, and this is proven by the excitement and showers of comments coming from the oppositions.

However, as the rakyat, as the people affected and will affect the next round of politician selections, we should reflect on the practicality and accuracy of such moves in length before jumping guns.

No government is perfect, and some believe that ours are evidently too far from that.

Cutting down the subsidies might add on to the already heavy financial burden of the lower income earning group but if this is what logically should be done, so be it.

There must be equal if not more consideration to be given on how to help the lower income groups as well.

Cash handouts might not be the best answers. But ten of ten people who said that would still take the cash handouts to them.

Human nature.

Seriously, I still feel that accelerated development in underdeveloped groups of our rakyat is the elusive piece of jigsaw to get this all moving. We must assist those ppl who need assistance, not to keep assisting those who already assisted.

Our politicians might knew that all along. But political will is different level of game play all together.

Politicians must reflect on their own actions.

Ultimately, all of us, especially the politicians, will leave a mark in the history.

And if your name is not well treated in history, what is the point of you become a politician?

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