Monday, December 30, 2013


I read the article in Malaysian Insiders recently about a family claiming that they are finding life hard to get by with a combined income of RM12000.

At first I thought I read wrongly, maybe it is RM1200.

But no! This is real. With real name and real breakdown of her expenses, and really 12K is nothing.

The sad thing about this piece is that it reminds me of a lot of people I met before, that  they are always the one struggling, suffering, and battling through life.

There is one person who told me Chinese are so rich, and he and his Malays are so poor.

He drives a Honda Civic.

There are alot of people that I met in my life that always feel that themselves are at such a disadvantage in life.

Sometime I heard of some people complaining that they could not get housing loan for their RM400k apartment (oh well, RM400k apartment in Penang is by no means luxury, but not even near the word Poor)

The thing is that we must always open our eyes to the real world.

There are so many people earning below RM1000, never own or even thought of owning a proper, property. They are staying in the rumah setinggan, build illegally, with one room housing the entire family. The government and the society labelled them as Squatters.

The government should really reflect their own failure. No one wants to be Squatters.

If your minimum pay is set in place, with proper, real, assistance to those who are entitled to it, for example people earning less than certain amount should be assisted to get a low cost flat, then you think those people still wanna squat?

The sad fact, is that our society is so deeply entrenched in corruption and commissions to get things done. I have seen one family owning a dozen low cost flats, renting them out.

Similarly, the space to sell things in the Market. The daily rent is RM0.50 as a token of generous government, but what happened in real life is that these spaces are rented out at RM50. The person that managed to get a unit from the Council is renting it out to the other people at that price, and just sitting around collecting fees like a boss. Some even break down the space given to her to 2 units and rent them out separately.

And these are real life experiences as a squatters and in market renting a space to sell biscuits.

All these things are well known in our society,

But in the name of reality sucks,

We continue accepting them. Endorsing them.

and they say the Opposition will save us all?

Can they?

The only way we can get out of this is to vote wisely every single elections.

When Politician's Ministership and Goverment posts does not offer job security;

hopefully Civil Service will gain power and really be the servants to the rakyat. Not to the politicians

And that applies to Police, MACC, Judges, etc etc too.

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