Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A very posh 5 yr old

I remember seeing an ice cream called hagendaz? In GAMA when I was very young.

RM16 - I was like no way man!

Fast forward now I am way man for such posh ice cream.

But my niece likes. So I buy for her.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why we do medicine?

Hypocrisy aside, we all have our own agenda.

People only tell you think you want to listen.

I chose medicine because it is the most expensive among the choices given to me, free of charge.

Also I want to be rich.

But after awhile, when we are in the position to help people and we are expected to do so at all times, it became more than just a job to be rich.

I can't make myself doing locums just to pay bills when the alternative is just to spend less.

But I guess when have family and all the priorities and responsiblities changes, so I hold no grudges to those medics who set out to garner riches.

Everyone have their priorities and stories. And everyone is different.

Who are we to judge when we are far from flawless and perfect.

Happy new year people.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Phone book

Found this diary on my cupboard's drawer. My mum's.

That's where she write down all her contact numbers.

With no names.

And the diary is of 1997.

I remember I wanted to have that stupid black book for myself...UPSR time.

And she only uses like 3-4 pages nia.


17 years ago.

How fast time passes.

Before we even realise it.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014


The seasonal housemanship issue propped up again just like our durians.

It is, to me just like other major issues in this country, can only be solved with a serious effort and with a top down political will.

There is no way we can train a competent doctor within 2 years of housemanship, because the level of knowledge of (some...err...most) houseman are about the level of a patient.

And that include myself, a graduate from University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, a national JPA scholar, top SPM scorer of my time.

During my housemanship, I went into depression twice, once when I cant accept the way we are thrown into the job of conducting delivery without really done one properly myself. Seventeen days of tagging in Labour Ward remains the darkest time of my life.

Second episode of sadness was when I failed my Paediatric assessment. Somewhat lucky, I caught a bug from the children's ward and was very sick, and eventually admitted for lobar pneumonia.

During my admission, I studied and passed the reassessment upon discharge.

The only message that I want to send here is that we are all not prepared for the traditional housemanship programme that our specialists and medical officers (oh, I mean the senior ones because I am a MO myself).

Our 5 years undergraduate, depending on your own initiative and that of your institution, will somewhat just put the initial introduction to what you need to know in this job as a doctor.

To my colleague who disagree, and went through the housemanship smoothly, my hat is down for you.

To my overseas colleague who thinks our housemanship system is flawed, housemen are overworked, please do some attachments here in major tertiary centre.

I do not think superficial improvement, amendments here and there can solve this issue.

This issue needs whole system overhauled, everyone needs to take part and change.

Friday, December 05, 2014


It is December already!

So fast 2014 coming to an end.

A very good question posed by one of my junior during a dinner, did you ever regretted your decision to come back from UK? He is from Cambridge (wuhuuu).

The answer is

Honestly yes. I regretted the fact that I went to UK for medicine.

But no, I will still come back after my undergraduate.

This is not as holy as some say as nationalistic duty or gentleman's word of honour.

It is just, how much time we can afford to lose when we do not spend quality time with those who matters most.

Friday, November 28, 2014


A great night of celebrating almost 17 years of friendships.

And we are all, still, the same.

Have a blessed marriage my friend - Billy!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Scouting days

Flat undergoing major work.

Painting the entire block, so a lot of rubbish kept outside the cage of the flat (no known would understand unless they stay in flat before)

Found my old parang, saw, etc.

All berkarat already.

Planned to throw liau.

Since my last camp in 2001, cant believe that it is almost 13 years already.

I cant do camping anymore...I need clean toilet to shit everyday.

This song brings back a lot of young memories.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I used to work in the cardiac and thoracic surgery department before I joined the current hospital.

When in specialized area, we tend to lose our diagnostic ability as things had been worked up quite a bit before sent to us.

I remembered a patient, young, Malay female, probably about 25+.

I was not the one seeing her actually.

She was the eldest among her siblings, and she is just started to work to earn living for her family and her siblings.

But it was really a saddening story - as we found out that she has some form of cancer.

Imagine your life comes to an abrupt end at the tender age of before 30.

I hope she is still around now.

I remembered this case because yesterday I saw a young lady at the age of 25.

She came to us with some neck swelling.

She was still a student.

And we referred to surgical colleagues to do a biopsy.

But she defaulted the follow-up after that - and so she didn't know the diagnosis.

4 months later, she decided to come back as there are now more swellings, across the neck, and the groin as well.

I think,

:( most likely she missed 4 months of intense treatment.

What a pity.

People; be responsible for your own health.

Make our time count.

Be nice to people around you.

And to yourself as well.

For time, is clicking.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I took a few minutes to fill up a questionnaire fielded by one medical personnel website - How happy are you as a doctor?

Now, it didn't take me too long to go through it.

I am not a happy doctor.

Why? If you are so unhappy why you chose to be one? You can always quit.

That would be the number one response, mostly from our superiors, to belittle anyone who complains.

Anyone can be a quitter anytime, it is not that difficult. Complaining and whining is totally different. We need to listen and address complaints and unsatisfactory of our human resources, and then have a constructive and effortful discussion on how to improve things.

We cannot, should not and must not kept citing our previous successes and how we dealt with patients with scanty number of doctors.

We cannot keep citing how well we achieved our KPIs, how good are we that we ended up as 3rd best health care in the world, and then continue the usual way of working anymore.

Time changes so much so that business as usual does not deliver anymore.

Our patient load is ever increasing year by year and paradoxically, our budgets remains stagnant and reduced year by year. We maintained a very high number of human resources, but our delivery outcome is unmeasured. We need to quantify and measure our outcome.

For the lowest in the food-chain, the young, aspiring House Officers - they are unhappy. I tried to slot in some time whenever I can to talk to them, to share with them the reasons why certain things are done, to the best of my knowledge. They are mostly clueless, but to be honest, I was clueless then too.

Our public medical schools are too overcrowded with students and our private medical schools are too profit orientated; to be producing competent graduates for our traditional housemanship training. (I stand by this notion in entirety)

When they graduate, they are enrolled in our training hospitals. We took all in, there is no vested authority in anyone to say no to this overflow. We either choose to ignore or we blatantly ignore the fact that our hospitals are too busy to be teaching hospitals. The lack of knowledge coupled with diluted hands on experience and increasing non medical related jobscope, offset only by the once-a-week houseman teaching is not going to produce competent medical officers to stand alone servicing our makciks and pakciks in kampong. But no, we choose to ignore that. Authority still quote numbers and ratios that this is workable.

Then our medical officers, are unhappy as well. As we entered the age to start family, and to deal with the aging parents and the guilt of not spending enough time with family is all time high. I left my family since age 17, spent more than 10 years of my life away studying in UK and working as houseman in Sarawak. The urge for me to go back to hometown is very strong, but unfortunately in a system whereby hire and fire is by the central ministry, there are too many hurdles for us to choose where we can be, and what we can be. We just cant simple go apply to another hospital in another state unfortunately.

Our specialists and consultants are not the happy lot as well. They have contributed so much to the care of the patient for the past so many years and the feeling of underpaid and overworked is alarmingly high. Many are tempted to go across to the private side, but the grass is not always greener there, the level of competitions and the work rate expected is heavy too.

So, I always thought, is there any happy doctors?

Is our future so blardy bleak?

And is there anything we can do to make it better? Should we bring up to our politicians?

Politicians, will play politics just like how our footballers play football, that is their jobs. We must have a strong civil service to check and balance. We must stand firm and tell everyone, this is the right way to do it, and not always quoting:

This is highly political, we shall not discuss.

Nothing is political, in our jobs, as doctors.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And the clock starts clicking!

At last I know that my sudden onset ankle joint pain and swelling is not manjanitis of origin. Not I think too much.

This is real!

Shitla, really got gout.

Despite being non alcoholic.

I guess because of the super amount of lamb I ate the other day.

Omg ang Choon seong. Omg.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Today I went back early.

Supposingly to study la.

Yesterday slept about 2am, doing something totally random. anyways.

So, a bit too sleepy when I was driving.

120km per hour and I hit the side of my car with the divider of the highway.

The car skidded a bit but luckily I still can control the car.

And because it was weird hours, there was no car infront or behind me.

I am thankful that I am still in one piece.

Nampaknya, driving everyday 117km is not without risks.

And, I am putting my life at risk, every single day.

Oh my guts, take the leap of faith.

Get out of medical! Do pharma line!

Say only la. Say since 2010 October liau ang choon seong. Say say say.


Monday, November 10, 2014


This morning the flyfm is very funny.

There was a Mandy calling in for the morning song section? something like you get to choose one song.

Then the funny big boys asked if anyone has sing the Mandy song to her or which she say yes!

Then they asked her to sing that song to herself for once!

Hahahahaha. So funny and so spontaneous. Good humour totally.

Anyhow, then this Mandy girl requested for this song, old but very memorable song!

Have a great week guys!

Friday, October 31, 2014


No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance.
No one stays in love by chance, it is by work.
And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice.


I drove down to KL for the first time in my life on my own.

Damn boring.

It is true while I am a very kiamsiap person, when it comes to going fast vs save petrol with economical acceleration and risks of saman, I go for speed.

Scary, to think that I actually made it to KL within 3.5 hours, including toilet break and some stretches of heavy rains.

It was when I was driving I have so many ideas sprung out, flights of idea.

I started to think of my house renovations, how I plan to design my study table and room.

I think I must have a study table with a huge mirror.

It is true to certain extent that I might make other people who visits then to think I am vain, but I think having a mirror infront of the place I spent most time thinking is important.

Looking at your self looking at your self at mirror - you will feel bad and do something more fruitful, no?

Maybe I am TTM again

Tmr will drive back to Penang after the conference.

I think I will do well in sales, I like travelling around, driving around, eating in random coffee shops.

I like to have a target to hit

Right now my life - target is to go home at 5pm, sounds easy but actually rather hard.

On the mean time, I read the news that some medical uni (private) ones are closing due to financial - students are evicted and kicked to another university.

Seriously, reconsider my friends about life as a doctor -

it is not as hard to be a doctor

but it is hard to be a good one.

a good one.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heard this song over the radio on the way back.

Today is a good day at work, but not a good day in itself.

Sometimes we tend to over complicate certain things which we shouldnt be,

but at times we over simplify things that we shouldn't be

Everything in this world is not as simple, and yet it is not as difficult.

Time will pass and if I look back at my life for the past 30 years

not many were, what I set out it to be.

When I was 12, I never thought I would be owning a car.

When I was 15, I never thought I would be writing in English for leisure, like this.

When I was 17, I never thought I would be studying overseas.

When I was 20, I never thought I would be fat.

When I was 25, I never thought I would be still studying for exam again.

When I was 27, I never thought I would be,

still this low.

There were too many things in our lives that was not according to plan, but surprisingly, it worked out just fine.

My job made me learnt that our life is about 60 to 70 years in length

and that we must make our lives more meaningful and, purposeful.

to our own self,

and to the people we hold dear to.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I have gained so much weight since I came back to Penang and worked in SP.

10 kgs at least.

And shirts all seemed too tight for me.

So what is the cause?

I have done my SWOT analysis for my stay in Penang.

Strength - I get to jog and hike with my friends, midnight futsal, occasional badminton games

Weaknesses - Food

Opportunities - I get to join many Runs like Bridge run, marathons and etc in entire peninsular

Threats - Food.

How to get rid of food!

Must get to 75kg by 2014 end.

Please ang, please.

Monday, October 13, 2014

True Penang

Is Hokkien Mee.

This stall is very secluded at Air Itam there. A favourite place for those who has done a few rounds of jogging at the Air Itam dam.

Easy parking and taste is about the standard of good hokkien mee

Sunday, October 12, 2014


The pre-game video almost everyday for many years


And I missed the entire message that the song was trying to portray as per below:

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hiking in Penang

Penang has lot of places for hiking, in particular beginners like me! (Be humble with your hiking skills)

You can start with really easy routes like no3, no5 and moongate in Botanical Garden/Youth Park there. It takes about 40mins of leisure hike.

I like high altitude, partly my surviving instinct as I can't swim. And I like the fresh air.

The view from no5 is not the best of views but still, the air is fresh and this is really a treat for people who are working in Georgetown.

Otherwise, drive to the Air Itam Dam. Go in the early morning and you will be humbled by the fresh air n mists, really doest look like Penang at all. Have a slow walk around the dam. It is tar road and about 1.3km one round if I remembered correctly.

There are others more interesting tracks n peaks like Penang Hill, Kerachut, Laksamana trail and etc.

Always go as comfortable as you can.

All of us can hike, we evolved to hike in and out of jungle.

Just take it slowly and as relaxing as possible. Bring one favourite food and put in your bag.

One of my best moments in life is when I had my Nasi Kandar in Pantai Kerachut many years ago.

I hope to hike two to three peaks a year. That's my KPI.

And here you go, Air Itam Dam.

Nice right the view? Can drive all the way up.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Gunung Irau, Brinchang

I have started to go back to my old hobby of hiking.

Irau or also known as Mossy Hill is the 15th tallest peak in the country.

Difficulty level - during my hike was... God level. Seriously; it was rainy season and there was thunderstorm along the way.

Three of us; two kaki Moongate/No5 went to Irau initially planned for day trip. But after some googling by me; I thought this is not possible. Irau is by no means the most challenging hike but the trail is wet and muddy.

So we decided that overnight after the hike will be the correct thing to do instead.

We started the hike at 2000m above sea level; using car. This also means that Irau actually, although is the 15th tallest peak by measurement, the hike is actually not as high because hike will only start at 2000m.

You must bring at least 1.5litre to go up; to wash yourself when you reach the peak because it is surely wet and muddy, according to the guide. When I went, the mud is almost 90% of the trail.

It took us 4 hours plus to reach Mini Irau and another 1 hour to reach the peak. Super slow.

I would not suggest Irau for beginner, the hike is actually quite technical and risky with many difficult climb along the way. However, the view along the way is breathtaking.

Macam lord of the ring punya jungle.

Alternatively, if I would go again, I will just drive until the starting point and bring a hot coffee, a book, and sit at one of the viewpoints.

Of course, with my superbike (lifelong dream)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


But most of us have needs and wants that made us worked all our lives for more.

Who will settle for whatever we are having as of now?

And as it is now.

It is

Two days to Pay Day October 2014.


Monday, September 22, 2014


I read the book.

Unsangkarable? Ha ha Ha.

Good read la this one. So medical.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


When we were young and naive; they ask us to forget about money and all, concentrate on studying, like reading and writing on classical literature.

We just memorized the model answers and vomitted it all out during exams.

But now that we are all grown ups; we no longer have time for literature, but we have better appreciation of those literatures.

For example; this is one by Robert Frost - the road not taken.

I love it so much because we human are funny creatures who always; always


regretting our choices.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UPSR exam and teachers

UPSR leakage created such a big hooha in our country.

Actually I have heard that every year has got all these leakages. And some of the teachers and parents are looking out for it.

But then hor, last time not so well spread.

Nowadays with the Whatsapp and Smartphone, it is very difficult liau la for anything to be secretive, really.

And the suggestions from the ministry to send the paper to overseas to print, I beg to differ la YAB.

I think the crux of the problem is that we are in this system whereby there is no moral regard for honesty from all levels of society.

Oh well, am I being too harsh on my own kind?

I gave my first bribe when I was Form 4, when I go againt the red light, with my motorcycle when I was 15.

And there are a lot of times I gave bribes or, agreed to it to have an easier way out.

I dont know about other people, but when it hit you, I dont have much problem choosing the wrong but easy way out.

For example, in the book "Ampun Tuanku" by Zaid Ibrahim, he mentioned that Sultan Kelantan at one point, (cant remember exact which Sultan) gave royal pardon to His son to get him out of legal problem, and it was the morally wrong thing to do that.

Perhaps it is easier for us to say so, but if it is my son, and I have that ability to get him out of trouble, I would not even think twice.

I think the concept of the battle against corruption to start with giver is difficult to achieve.

Humans, we are weak creatures.

But there should be harsh punishment.

And good enforcement.

And NO, escape.

Then, I wouldnt bribe anyone, because there isnt anyone offering to accept, how to bribe.

We have a funny system in this country, in which we think certain sin are smaller than others. For example to take a bribe for an offence that we think doesnt affect other people that much, we felt better.

Like Custom. I can understand. Money taxed or not taxed also Government don't rasa that much. So our Custom brothers might felt a bit okay to take it.

I dont know. I am not angel.

I am sure no one is. We are weaklings.

Doctors too. When we know it is Datuk or someone who is important, we tend to treat them better. Better meds. Better advice. Better attitude.

But deep inside me, I felt bad, just before I go to sleep.

All the best Malaysia.

Dont take it so harsh on the teachers. If I am parents also I will want leaked questions for my children. Not a single doubt.

I doubt you would be otherwise.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brushing off

I am an MO that talks a lot in rounds with my HO but I know very little.

(Yes, I have insight)

But I only have one thing to teach them ; to trust your patient's complaints.

This is really what I didnt learn from school or books, but learn from my short years of working as a doctor.

Do not, rubbish your patient's complaints, seriously.

When I was in Cardiothoracic, we have quite a number of patients waiting inpatient in the ward. 

And you know, sometimes, uncles aunties like to complain, like..cough, backpain, headache....

so, when you see such well person walking around watching tv complaining headache, we tend to think that they are just being...complainitis.

9/10 times it will be all right...patients are just being patients...

But there will be 1 time when the complaint is a genuine serious signs of a serious illness.

I have a stroke patient in ward told me he has headache, and not responding to painkiller.

He developed weakness hours later

Of course I dont know whether the 2-3 hours time lag between headache and body weakness makes any difference, but deep inside me I know, I have branded him just complainitis at the initial complaint. 

Of course they say Judgement Day is between you and god.

But for some of us, the over thinker, it is 


before we sleep.

*This thought propped up because I have a houseman told me that the patient complained of leg numbness, whenever he went into the room, and no longer complain anything when the nurses went in to ask him if any problem. I felt maybe it is truela that this patient is exagerrating but we as doctors, taking a payroll, really, 

should address their complaints.

Just examine him a while, investigate appropriately, and if really turns out nothing, or turns out something despite your investigations, then, 

sleep also can sleep better, no?

Never, brushed off patient, especially in-ward patients.

I have a bone mets complaining backache, passed away with PE - just backache. and died hours later.
I have ACS in patients complaining of no appetite, with no chest pain no SOB no palpitation no sweating.

Patients and diseases come in forms and sizes, their presenting skills might be lacking, some not so good in telling you their pain or discomfort, do not take so much offences of them changing story once a while.

No one, I repeat,

No one, wants to be in Hospital.

Have a good day people. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


How can he be so pretty?!?!
This is extreme la.
Although we men are visual creatures; the thoughts of him as him before this her ...weeerekkkk.
Anyway; did something very mulia this morning. So a bit scared of the bad karma I will get from this good deed (ya I still strongly believe in ang's reverse karma)
I have been working since back from oncall on something I owe my ex boss for very long time ago. Need to do poster abstract and submit see whether can make it or not.
Go. Go. Go. A. C. S.
Ok people; Have a wonderful day.
Ya the song is quite nice but not the original one. The Stacey Kent one. (Go youtube yourself la)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Penang Free School

I went to PFS to see how's the school nowadays.
This is actually a very beautiful building. I mean with some touch up; it does have some similarities with the buildings we have in Edinburgh.
My 5 years (1998-2002) in this school is very mixed; very lost and yet very profoundly successful in eyes of many.
Ah profound; I remember the word profound is to describe dirty knowledge. Oops; I regressed. I do this a lot of times recently. Okok...back to PFS.
I started the schooling in this school with very poor command of English. I graduated from the this school with probably; with some language proficiency but still; can't differentiate between past present and future tenses. With very poor vocab. I think I can only name 2-3 vegetables. Lol.
(my English teacher will be proud and surely in complete disbelief that one day this angchoonseong is writing to pass time having had to wait for 6 months in between or twice a year for me to write more than 2 sentences in English)
I have a few unforgettable moments in this school. I found most of my friends here.
I found confidence here. I did well in almost every exams. I also did well cheating. Lol.
I found fitness here. I used to jog many rounds around the huge field (700-800m) to catch some glimpses of the Form Six girls playing volleyball in the court. Forgive me; or us; as we in PFS is rather desperate.
It is always very melancholic when I walked around this school. I have to admit; after all this years I haven't masters the super deep English school song but I did owe it to this school that I am who I am.
Free School; a school for scholars, sportsman and gentleman.
And buaya. Ngap. Ngap. Ngap. Yang jinak.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

Happy Mooncake Festival

Although it never makes much difference to some people like me;

As my family don't celebrate,

Too kedekut to buy overpriced mooncakes,

Eaten all the small kids nearby and no young kids within close extended family

and most importantly

No public holiday granted for this day.

So, it is just another day.

but for those who celebrate; have a good reunion with the loved ones


Wrote this sadistic entry due to thought block on what to blog. This entry spurred from a msg from my respected friend leader of SUPP.

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Time and again we have to be reminded of what is politics all about.

And the sad thing is that we tend to forget very fast.

I watched the news regarding our Internal Security Minister speech in the UMNO Bukit Bendera's divisional meeting today.

No, not the one about arrogant Chinese.

This one is on the "dont be kurang ajar"

Scary I tell you.

Then about the Chinese people getting arrogant is also very interesting.

That one actually took a very good turn - Mr Minister explained, like all other politicians, that his speech was taken out of context and that he is looking for the reporter.

Shyte, if I am the reporter, I sweat liau.

I have to say that on one hand, I dont believe the reporter dare to maliciously take his comment out of context - as The Sun is, afterall, a main stream media.

I look at Mr Minister's face also I takut la, let alone misquoted him at such a scale.

Oh well, I think a video recording of the speech would clear the sky once and for all.

But what I am buying is that, we should take his comment with a pinch of salt.

Because he is addressing the UMNO divisional meeting, and he has to play the music according to the crowd.

And here lies in, our biggest problem in Malaysia - 57 years of nationhood;

We are just like him, outside 1malaysia, inside still by our skin colour.

Politicians sell us what we want to buy.

And really, we are still buying the, skin colour way, sadly.

And there are alot of political issue to be blogged out, but I choose to comment on this one, because I deeply believe that we will need another 57 years with new batch of Malaysians to feedback to the politicians that

NO, after 114 years of nationhood,

we do not buy, what we use to buy, and we hope you can sell us another product.

Happy Independence Month Malaysian.



Friday, September 05, 2014


I remembered a colleague, fellow house officer who is so excellent in medical knowledge.

Really, he just out-know (is there such a word?) in terms of medical knowledge.

I have always think that all of us are born equal.

We choose to focus our learning and time on certain things but not others.

We cant be good in everything we do.

We only have one bullet in life, we choose where we want to shoot that bullet at.

Anyway, regarding him (whose name shall remain anonymous, hehe), I remembered there is once he talked to me about bacteria.

Out of very random conversation really.

And I am so amazed he can tell me so casually, on so many points regarding what we need to know about bacteria.

It is really amazing.

We can easily ask question to other people and wait for the answer, and if there is none, we answer them. But that does not really test what we know, because we are asking from our pool of knowledge, and surrounding understanding of the particular subject.

Anyhow, why I became so melancholic about this thing, is because I tried to teach my houseman about bacteria:

of course from my understanding, the very shallow, and inadequate knowledge:

which can very briefly, as below:

(I got it from passmedicine last time, which I still remembers till now, so it might be useful for you too)

Bacteria can be divided into Cocci and Rods / Bacilli (from the shape)

And both cocci and rods has got Gram stain - positive and negative.

So; remember Gram positive cocci = two famous names + not so famous one =

Staphylococci, Streptococci, and the not so famous one - Enterococci ( thats all the three gram pos cocci I know)

And then Gram negative cocci = 2 famous one + not so famous one =

Neisseria Meningitis , neisseria gonorrhoe and the one i can remember best although not famous - pizza name, Moraxella

And so habis la the gram pos and neg cocci

Next is Rods (bacilli ) Gram positive - ABCDL

A - actinomyces
B - Bacilus antracis (antrax)
C - Clostridium
D - Diptheria
L - Listeria

And the rest of the world - just tembak as Gram negative rods

( Surely there is alot else to know, but once you started working, all you need to know, is to give broadspectrum and pray patient respond and houseman trace the culture)

Haha. Happy weekends guys

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Polo Ground

One day when I m able to work in Penang GH, will be bringing my boots to work, because after work, going to jog for 5km before playing helmet football with the Polo's.

Then, SPP would be within grasp.


(until then....hehehe)

Just had a MacDonald GCB for dinner. So full.

ACS - Ang Cannot Sleep

I remembered when I was studying in KMB last time, I used to listen to music while doing the super duper gila babi hard mathematics.

After a few days, when I do the test, I cant remember a single thing.

Then I concluded that studying while listening to music is a form of self deceiving, because studying is so dull, that you want something more interesting to go with it.

But little did you know that actually that something more interesting to go with studying is taking much of your concentration and subconsciously, you learnt nothing.

As usual, I will say that is another Ang's theory, and it is the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, oh well, I used to command such confidence about myself.

They say we grow, and then we realise actually this world is actually much more complicated than what we know, and we are far from the centre of the world.

With that, here is the song I was listening when studying, and I realised, I learnt nothing and wasted the long hours.

Better sleep I guess.

But then again, cant sleep. Argh!

(I always need lyrics on the video because I have difficulty identify English words in song form)

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Government Doctors

There are pros and cons to be working in the public sector as doctors.

Let us always think of the bright side and thus, talking about the pros first.

before that let me assure you that I did not give a pre thinking before typing this post, meaning to say this entire article is produced impromptu and thus forgive me if there are lots of flights of ideas and jumbled thoughts across.

The major advantage as a practicing doctor in government service, to me is the chance to educate junior doctors.

Medicine is such a field that our decisions or practices are turun temurun rather than learning by the books. Until today I still havent look it up in the books regarding the many many practices that was told to me and I have done them for years. For example; why we need to take the calcium level without cuffs, why fluid restriction for heart failure is 800ml or 1L/day, why Fondaparinux is given for 3 days, 5 days and not 2 days or 4 days?

Indeed I enjoy my rounds with juniors as when I impart what I know, I then realise what I know. It is difficult to gauge otherwise.

However, that is provided that there is no overcrowding of patients, that lead to just finish the job as there are so many many many jobs awaiting.

Unfortunately, that is always the case.

Second advantage of working in government is my this sentence;

Uncle, I am trying to help you. Whether you listen or not, whether you follow my advice or not, my pay is still the same. I do not get extra money for telling you again and again, nor I get my pay cut if I dont advise you.

The above is actually my favourite sentence. Many patients I met, think that we doctors in government dont know much therefore we still stuck in government. I never doubted the private doctors, in fact I will accept the diagnosis of private practitioner with extra weightage because they are usually the senior doctors with golden years of practices in medicine, seen much more than the entire medical library.

But there is so much resistance in the patient's acceptability. And may I be racist - especially the Chinese and Indians. Sorry Malaysian.

Third advantage of working in government is to be a real doctors without considering cost, to some extent.

I hate the part when I called private centre to ask for price for my patients who cant weight in the emergency red zone. For example when they have a heart attack and they are aware of Primary PCI and they wanted to have it done ASAP in private.

I felt, so, not, doctor, of us.

Of course, the counter argument is that we are not god, and the private doctors and hospitals also have mouth to feed.

I dont know, many a times, not once or twice, it is tempting to leave this profession and get a life I have always wanted; office desk job 9am-5pm, with regular meals break, and weekend to either enjoy some hobby or work extra for assignments.

But nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to work in government doctors.

Paperwork, paperwork and paperwork.

Bureaucracy, bureaucracy

Punch card during normal days if not done properly, we received explanation letters.
Did not punch out after a 36 hours oncall sometimes, we have to go through some steps to get our RM200 for that call.
Applying leave to rest, we need to make sure it is not clinic days, not busy days, no other colleagues have emergency or sickness, or else everyone plus the patients will suffer from waiting time in clinic or in ward.
Did not wear tie to work, we get our names mentioned.
Complained to newspapers, we are seen as rebellious (like this post)

We are not paid handsomely as some might think, and everyone in my pangkat are paid the same despite different job scope.

We cant be that charitable all our lives.

But really, my dear readers, everyone has a breaking point.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Time and again why am I in this line of work?

So much expectation.

So little appreciation.


If only I dropped out of medical school last time. Haihhhhhh


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I dreamt of this place yesterday night.

Funny, so random of all the places in the world.

And of all days, yesterday was such a heavy day and I slept with lights on all.

Was supposed to do my write up for work, terfall sleep somemore fml.

Anyhow, It was a funny dream.

Weird place and weird story line with weird ending (oh well, ringing sound as I waited for the rescue boat)

They say when you cross your legs when you sleep you cant run when chased by something.

Actually maybe swim also cannot, cant move despite my biggest effort to kick my way out of the water .

and they say when you dream you dont see colour.

I am pretty sure I saw colour because the sun is orange red in colour in the dream!

Ok, dont want to dream liau. Power nap first.

Wake up for supper later!

Bye blog.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


One day when I am rich, I will buy a dog.

To jog with me in the morning before I go to work.

And then I will have 6 pack liau.


Monday, August 25, 2014


What do you think of someone who suddenly shout out loud?
Sometimes we wanted to shout out SOMETHING just to say that SOMETHING out loud.
But no, our lives are full with concerns of what others are feeling and thinking about as a result of us.
Weirdo I know. Sorry

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014


I cleaned my room today as part of my KPI to do monthly cleaning of the small 2.5steps x 4 steps room of mine.

A lot of pharma drug high quality paper leaflets and their glossy name cards.

I have always think that all this are rather wastage of money and resources.

The way to go for branded pharmaceutical company is to focus on presribing pattern.

It is very difficult for us, to prefer one than the other, if both has the same indications.

It doesnt matter which one drug rep belanja us makan more, but more of presribing pattern.

I have always say that Bisoprolol has done the best job in naming their medications, of all the beta blockers.

Easy to write. (clearly win Carvedilol, dont you agree?)

Good dosing range. (win Carvedilol...)

The one I like the most:

Good shape. - (Uncle, got take the love shape medications?)

Many people do not have clear particular preferance between the three commonly used beta blockers, so it also boils down to the pattern.

So, what bisoprolol has done good is that when I was a new MOs, the particular rep managed to instill a presribing pattern into me.

Suggestion to pharma company to increase the sales of the particular drug:
1. Choose a catchy name, good shape, and good dose
2. Hire me.


Friday night emo song to go to bed with:

Good night people! (ya i sleep early)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I boarded a plane home.

22F was the seat number allocated (rm6 to request seat, erm, better order coffee I guess)

There was a woman sitting on 22D. A small girl was sitting on 22E.

"Sorry, can I go in?"

The woman rushed out to the isle and asked the small girl, her daugther to come out.

The little girl refuses.

The mother smiled at me apologetically.

I said to the girl, "Then you move in to the window seat?"

"Okay!! But my mama has to sit here," she pointing to her seat.

"Okay,"I cant helped but to smile, it was really funny to me.

The woman thanked me repeatedly, the small girl still did not moving an inch until the mother came near enough, she quickly change her seat to the 22F.

I sat down, on the seatbelt, off my specs and sleep.

I woke up just before we landing, the small girl was deep in sleep, her head on her mother's lap and her legs were akwardly bent on the mirrorl.

That might be on me if I am still sitting on the 22F.

Mother-daughter love is beautiful.

Good night, randoms I know.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Off work this week for a course in Johor Bahru.
Hospital Permai.
This is such a big n clean hospital.
Yesterday reached too early and I walked around the hospital. Really big place. And faraway.
But I think mental health hospital needs to be like this. Far away from human.

I can still remember my posting in PSY during fourth year medical student; it was at a hospital on a hill. Good view, fresh air n I think the condition is very condusive for mental healing. 
Sometimes what all mental sickness needs is to be away from people.
Ok. Have a good day at work ppl. While I am lepaking in course.
(Dunno have to wait for how long before the next course :(( )

Monday, August 18, 2014


Found this picture during my random clicking of photos in my computer.

Not sure why I kept thinking of those student days, things I did, and etc etc.

This road, I cant remember the name actually, so I googlemapped it up. Forrest Road!

I lived just about 20-30 steps to the left, for 2 years (year 2 and 3)

What would life be if I decided to stay there then?

No la. I am not motivated enough to stay overseas longer than required,

because, I am too juara kampung.


#sayaanakmalaysia as well.

Theory Shampoo

Theory shampoo was a new theory that I eurekaed some 1-2 years ago.

I have always find it very amusing that certain perfume are more favourited than others.

Perfume by definition, smells nice.

Same with shampoo.

I havent come across a shampoo that smells bad.

Then why some are preferred than others?

This is actually can be, most likely because of the user itself.

Not yourself, but the people around you.

If you like the person who is using that particular shampoo, then automatically you like the smell.

Then it became - wah, why your shampoo smells so nice.

And you will never find the shampoo you use smells any tremendously nice.

Is it because we love ourself less than another person?

Or is it because we grow bored with the particular smell of ourselves.

And will we get bored of the smell that we think is nice or bored of the person who is using it?

Theory shampoo simply put into words, the concept of endorsing.

When you mempergodkan someone, everything the fella use, is ichiban.

And shampoo is usually the case.

Sorry, mid night rambling.

Good night people.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I edited this piece from ori rambling 3 days ago)

I was oncall yesterday night and it was such a lively night.

4 MIs in one night, it was an ACS night indeed.

One particular case that I would like to share here is about this 74 year old Malay uncle.

He has very good family support, his two children (not sure if there are many more) was very nice people, courteous and understanding.

It is a well known fact that of the three races, experience past 6 months shows that in general, Malays are the easiest to deal with. 

In general, I repeat.

Easiest in the sense that, the Malays uncles and aunties are more respectful of doctors, and have good faith in us, and of course, treating someone that are not suspecting our integrity, is more enjoyable.

I have to say this, although it sounds Racists (yes it is racist) but in general, Chinese and Indians are more difficult to deal with. Be it the patients themselves or the family of the patients.

The first thing they will say before any consultations, or explanation of their conditions, is that they have to comment on the fault of the hospital, systems, something bad out of the fault of someone, that has happened to them.

"the nurse made me wait for 1 hour before seeing you"

"ambulance took 1 hour to come to my house"

"follow-up in clinic but never give me good medicine, just continue the same same medications"


I have kept this in my mind for very long time, because I dont want to sound racist, but I think this is not about colour of the skin that made us feel certain ways but rather the way certain race population been living in this country.

The same theory I had always been telling people that not all Chinese are good in Math because they have Sempua brain but rather they way they are brought up.

Not all Jews nor Palestinian are the same just because of who they are, but rather what they are - although this is more difficult and sensitive to be discussed.

Anyway, I wanted to say this;

Sometimes, when some race always felt that we have been second classed and being victimised in all ways; then everything they see is imperfect.

Of course I m not saying that you are wrong to feel that and that it is equal justice for all in this country, but to me; when it comes to healthcare, the skin colour is not a consideration for most doctors at all, at least for me and the people I worked with so far.

I dont think I would have the capability to change this perception (I used to have big thoughts) and make world a better place to live.

I just count to pay day, most days. 

But I hope that we all will understand that things sometimes just happened; and not necessarily because of you being victimised.

I shall end this entry with these two lines that I have read somewhere, (or I came up myself, cant rmb) anyway:

Sometimes we have to accept that our condition worsen as part of the disease process,

And not always it is due to the failure of medical treatment.


Anyway, the 74 year old uncle who had an MI, came to the Casualty quick enough, and started on treatment. Unfortunately the treatment does not work as well as we wanted, and so I referred him to the referral centre. I checked with the doctor I referred to just now  via Whatsapp and apparent his condition is good and should be okay. Uncle, you have lovely family and I feel happy for you and your family.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hospital SP also got football tournament.

But fuiwah; after gaining solid 8kg over last few months, I think it is time to focus my interest on chess or computer games.

Fitness level -10000.


Post call drove back to Penang; slept till 4pm then drove back to SP for the game. Played with the ortho team as midfielder/left wing, wasted a lot of ball.

Field football is so a thing of the past. Lol. Retire from field football la. Too not fit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Patch Adams

Heard over the radio of his passing.

One of the funniest man, battling severe depression.

We are all wearing masks to face the world.

And those who are not wearing, that is also a mask.

Everyone has something to hide. Secrets, talents, stories, skills, want, need, something there must be something.

And for those doctors out there;  Patch Adams quote is something for us to bear in mind:

You treat a disease; you either win or lose.

You treat a person; you will win no matter what is the outcome.

And I am a believer of those words.

Rest in peace funnyman.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Radiology Course

After working for rather non stop in July, this course came as a rescue.

In my department, the HOD determined which course you go. 

That is very different from previously, when each of us get to choose the courses you want to attend then arrange amongst MOs.

Anyway, my boss sent me to this Basic Ultrasound Course.

very informative i must say.

If I were to attend this some years ago, I might be trying out radiology.

But right now, probably too late liau la.

Anyway, got a mug from the course.

Like the effort. Well done Radiology Department Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

One FM

I think the morning DJs in One FM are super funny lo.

Like their conversation, so funny.

Makes my drive to work shorter. 

But when it comes to the prank part, I change to another channel la, just for 10 minutes or so,

I dont like to listen to pranks, not sure why, just the akward la.

Last time I like one loh, dunno why nowadays so chicken lol.

The super dramatic TVB show also I cannot tahan, the dramatic turn of event is not for the faint hearted person like me. (haha)

Anyway, this song in radio today.

Beautiful song.

Chinese songs are notoriously emo.

Saturday, August 09, 2014


My favourite number is the bad luck number for Chinese.


When I started watching Man Utd, I like Veron very much.

His number was 4.

When I went for Cross Country Run, I did not know that my EOD running in school field subconsciously makes my stamina quite good.

I finished 4th, 

And that was well ahead of a lot of the seasoned school runners. 

I thought I was winning the race when I ran past the fastest man I know in school, only to find another 3 in front of me.

All my friends joked that I am using some dirty tricks of short cut, hitchhiking motorbike and etc. Oh well, I was very dodgy then. Still, I guess.

Then I was roped into the 1.5km run during sports day. I has never ran in a proper athletic race before. But once the whistle went, I just looked down and ran. Of course 1.5km and cross country run is very different, the seasoned runners representing my school and state all sprinted past me after the 1km.

I finished 4th. 

All my years in college and university, if I am given a choice to choose a number;

It would be 4.

Also 4 signifies someone crossed leg and no need to work - according to my mother.

One day If I am able to buy a number for my car - 


dream on Choon.

# weekendisendingfml

Friday, August 08, 2014





Stay strong to those who are working today!

Keep Calm, and count to pay day

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Weekend !

Kept reminiscing life in Edinburgh some 4-5 years ago.

Life was so different then.

Money was not enough then at certain times (especially the last month of the quarterly JPA allowances)

I remembered eating plain Tesco Value roti for whole week, all three meals a day.

(now also never enough la, we human mah like dat lo)

Used to keep thinking future would be so bright and promising, will get this; get that, do this; do that, once starting to work and earn money

But then in the end, when we started to embark on our adult life journey,

all we want everyday

is to go home, 

hope not to feel hungry,

have a good shower,

and then sleep until bored and wake up naturally.

This cheesy song obviously has nothing to do with this entry; but I like her voice.

And tomorrow ladies and gentleman, I can wake up, naturally.

as I have no call this weekend. Off.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I drink coffee on daily basis.

Every morning I will make the 3 in 1 coffee in my very sophisticated looking thermal mug which fits perfectly into my car mug holder and off I go for the 45 minutes drive.

So nowadays I will have something to buy when I go Tesco or Giant.

Not just stupidically walking around.

And coz one big pack got 15 sticks only, I get to buy 2 different types each time I go shop!

(Syok sendiri I know)

There are so many types of coffee (only the 3 in 1 is taking into consideration), and I only like the White Coffee. 

From the famous Old Town White Coffee, Ah Huat White Coffee, Chek Hup White Coffee, Nescafe White Coffee, etc etc

I have tried most of it and arrived at the conclusion that the best, is..... still the best.

Penang White Coffee

Sorry I might be bias but this one really strong one.

Ok, back to Astro.

Monday, August 04, 2014


Masa itu emas.

Masa tidur itu berlian.

- Ang Choon Seong - 

The above is one of the self claimed Plato Ang's quotes some years ago.

It is true.

When there is so many things awaiting you to do, when time seemingly not enough,

sleeping is the most addictive, attractive and important thing to do.

- S..........l..........e..........e..........p.....

Good night folks.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Some time ago I was very active in Medical Association.

Many people asked me why I am so free. So semangated. So enthusiastic.

The same was asked many many years ago when I was involved in UKEC, Projek Kalsom and etc.

My answer is the same actually; Because I like to do them.

Not all people do things, with a motive.

Some, just because we like it.

I like doing something out of my usual working requirement.

Not really because I am extremely charitable, or to boast that I have a huge kind heart. Or I am sacrificial.

No, just because I like doing the things - of organising games, activities, events - like hospital night, etc etc.

Anyway, just thought of these things because I was reading through my old emails (clearing emails in the weekend is therapeutic really) and I saw a complaint email from a Senior Doctor in ?Sibu or ?Miri because we (or rather I) organised the team to Sabah last year under the name of Sarawak MMA but no one inform or invite elsewhere doctors other than Kuching doctors to go therefore he is a bit pissed.

Actually difficult to argue with that complaint. He has got his solid point.

Next time make sure will invite Kapit and Baram as well.

or actually, no next time, dont bother doing it at all.

No action =  no complaint is the point I learnt from that.

Happy weekends guys.

(Urgh, tomorrow have to work already - Kedah, why Kedah)

Friday, August 01, 2014

Ampun Tuanku

Just finished this book.
A good read.
I am really a fan of zaidibrahim's writings.
All leaders must be able to write.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Words of wisdom

Was walking around the bookshop; and stumbled upon the bookmark segment.
Can't believe that on this day;
angchoonseong would actually
Be in a bookshop and spent so much time
Standing there and reading through one by one
Those words of encouragements on the bookmark.
I bought one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dr M

Ice cream of Macdonald.
I still remember many many years ago she would fetch me to M (MacDonald) to buy 2 sundae cones; and it is 50sen each bcoz there was promotion time; for very long time I remember.
Usually after we go dinner in hawker stall; usually hokkien mee in town.
She will siap siap lipat the one ringgit note with 10sen coin at home already.
She will stop our old ex5 Honda outside n then asked me to go in buy. I remember myself being very anxious even to order ice cream.
Wearing a helmet; fat little ang will order two cones from the ever smiley MacDonald worker over the counter.
We will finish the ice cream outside the M by the motorbike and then go home.
How fast time passes;
I grew fatter n she became older and sugar level became more labile (DM on diet control)
But we are still doing the same.

Selamat Hari Raya

To everyone that reading this blog (if any)

Maaf zahir dan batin.

(Been working through this extended weekend and down with once in my lifetime super stomachache and all night long diarrhoea until sunken eye - not due to raya food, but due to my own cooking, of well paradoxically uncooked chicken in chicken soup)

Lesson learnt - dont cook. Just go out and eat. Cheaper, faster and safer.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just a job 2

Society changes all the time.

We were at one time looking up so highly on our teachers and doctors, but now almost every publications in the newspapers about those two professions is about their wrongdoings, their mistakes and so on.

This is very saddening.

I might not be at those days when teachers who caned their students would not only be frown upon by the parents, but they are apologetic and ashamed of their child's behaviour.

Nowadays, no teacher would touch their students despite the abuse they get at work.

Just teach, give homework, smile...

Result not good - the most you get is that you are not a good teacher.

But try shouting at students - bad person. evil , abusive, mentally problematic and etc.

It became, just a job. Just punched in and out and go home.

Right cikgu?

Same with doctors, so many of us are leaving the service to be a private GP, or some even venture outside medical field, because taking this as just a job is not as simple, but at the same time taking this more than a job is demotivating and tiring.

Most of the patients we see today; are looking at doctors as a medical worker, a person who is paid handsomely to do his job, and must do the job well.

Gone were the days when patients and their family look at you as someone who wanted to help.

No, the doctors are earning my money (a wage) to help me.

Now here's the irony: doing the job well is easy, smile chubbily, prescribe the medications as expected, work according to time and just dont do anything more no less.

Still smoking? no problem Mr patient; i am just working. Reprimanding you will make the consultation distasteful isnt it.

Sign MC? no problem Mr patient; I better sign that, if not the consultation would be a waste of your time.

In fact this is already the way some of our support services are doing.

Try organise a transfer of a patient with heart attack to a centre who can do angiogram, it is just a job to most of the support service - if it happened to be in between shifts, tough luck Mr Patient, you have to wait for the next shift.

I see lesser and lesser point in me trying to push for things, as in the end, we became less popular, labelled a demanding arrogant doctor who has no empathy to other worker's shift.

I try hard to change things, but in the end, when patients filing complaints like

- doctors slow to do discharge;

and our KKM is investigating with a show cause letter;

what is the point really?

Friday, July 25, 2014

It is just a job

Get it done.

And go home.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goldberg criteria

Just woke up from my post work after dinner nap, with my working clothes on.

Clock shows 1105pm.

S**ts. I am oncall tomorrow.

Just as the title above, in this entry I am going to be medical.

Today I learnt of three things that I thought I know but actually I dont.

1. Fentanyl patch are contraindicated in approaching end stage renal failure. Treat pain in HD patients with more ?i dont care.

2. Sterile method does matter - post central line insertion in a contaminated field will produce infective period despite being on strong antibiotics.

3. I satisfied most of the Goldberg criteria.

Pre call blues.

Sleep early tonight.

Hope for a good call tomorrow...

(oh god why am I becoming so chicken as years pass...)

An old song I heard on Flyfm on the way back just now:

I still prefer this videoclip, as it reminds me so much of how I, myself, surprise,


at times.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Been reading a lot about the MH17.

2014 is a bad day for Malaysia Airlines.

Taking flight nowadays seems dangerous.

The other day I was dreaming about going some place in a small plane and it crashes. Cant remember the details tho.

As usual I have some problem with orthopedic addiction; kept imagining my ulnar and radius will be fractured when I was falling down the sky with my arm crosses to protect my head.

And the view of the ground became bigger and bigger as I drew nearer to the ground.

But I never gets to the ground.

I was falling down and down and down and down with the view repeating itself of the ground getting nearer and nearer and I bracing for impact.

Till I woke up.


RIP MH 17.

Hope those affected will be able to get through it with time, the greatest healer.

And although the co-pilot is from PFS, I have no recollection of my contact with him, Mr Hakimi.

Also there is another young lady from CGL seemed to be in the ill fated flight as well, cant recall her name now, read from Msianinsider just now.

Ok, good night people.

# Life can puncit anytime. and the damn thing is that it always do when you dont have your spare tyre with you.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cameron Highlands

Love the highlands.

One day I will ride a superbike up here and have my BOH tea.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day

Happy National Day France!

Can you imagine if the French lift the 2014 World Cup this time on this date as well?

It would be super double celebration!

As I have been saying for more than 10 years already (since Form 4 after I learnt the Bastille Day) I gave the French, a reason to celebrate my birthday. 

Ok Mr Whatablog; Have a goodl year ahead.

No I dont like Birth Day song


I read one of my friend's blog many years ago.

He writes on and off when he was around, I didnt follow closely.

After his passing, I read through his entire blog.

There is one entry about how he coped with depression. It was a catchy piece, I enjoyed reading it, mainly because it really surprised me that he, a rather chirpy guy, was at one point, battling depression.

However, I remembered when I was reading the piece some years ago, it wasnt that brilliant a piece compared to now,I just finished his book for the second? third? time. 

(His mother made some of the content of his blog into a book, and that entry about depression has been selected)

I particularly like that part he talked about how he drove for hours from his house to some random places at night.

Everyone will feel down once a while.

I must say that I find driving - therapeutic.

Driving gives you a purpose, in everyone else's eyes. You are moving from Point A to B, and you are not doing anything else because, err, you are driving. 

Spending time purely on your own, and listening to random music programme, songs you dont understand the lyrics.

Your mind is focus on driving, but actually not focusing on driving. 

Deep leh.


Oh course for another person who has something else to do, driving is wasting time.

I spent RM600 a month on driving to and fro work.

Thats expenditure I put under account - Entertainment.

Sunrise; my usual drive to work. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why would anyone wants to be a doctor, after this.

I read with great concern, the news regarding the allegation of a son of a 76 year old patient in one of our government hospital.

He alleged that the ECG wires and oxygen hose connected to the patient was been strucked off too hard and too fast, thus somehow causing the death of her mother.

My deepest condolence for his loss.

But it is very difficult for me to accept his complaints, oh well, this is my blog so I get to decide what to say.

Now, I am in no way trying to defend the hospital, or agreeing with the allegation, just based on one sided story.

But, the way it was reported is worrisome.

It would be getting harder to be a doctor in the government service with all these negativity.

Patients are getting difficult to deal with.


Or is it that we are getting worst in dealing with this change of patient characteristic?

I dunno la.

In the future;

Patients would be extra vigilant to any potential error or any near-error to be committed by the government doctors. 

They would be on the look out for errors.

Every minute spent waiting for consultation would be potentially causing harm to them, and in the event that the waiting time is subjectively too long, explanation is warranted from the head of service.

Every prescription would be questioned, the red tablets, the white tablets, the blue tablets, and even the arrangements of the ECG wires. The fixed, unshakable perception is that goverment hospital's medications might cause harm to their patients.

Every MC turned down is an act of arrogance of a filthy rich doctor who did not spend more than 15 minutes time to talk to the patient and thus unable to empathise the patient's need for a sufficient rest from work.

Every rejection for requests for stocking up pain killers, gastric medications and cough syrups for future use would be construed as an act of uncaring doctors, hoping to cash in from future transactions of consultations for the said medications.  

Every explanation of disease process must not be taken as it is be it from a house officer, medical officer or specialist, but it must be verified by internet and facebook.

Every death of an elderly person is no longer being accepted as a natural process, but as a failure and potential negligence of the medical treatment. 

Every doctor who doesn't smile would be considered unacceptably rude, and being rude is going to negatively affecting the psychological healing of the patient, and a potential legal action can be pursued.

Patients would be issuing warnings of potential legal actions against the doctors in the event of their love ones being mistreated, or if it seeming so.

Media would be zeroing in hospitals administration's Key Performing Index as mainly on the complaints filed against the ministry. It has nothing exciting else to publicise, not the statistics of patients who are discharged well, not on the boring dengue breeding sites abolishment, not on the blood donation campaign or health prevention activities.

And the doctors who hope to serve like yours sincerely, 

would be wondering why and how, to serve well.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Heard about this malaysia chabor thing quite sometime but never got the time to youtube it.

yesterday MyFm played it and yes, this is very cute song.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup

When I bet:

She will wake up to watch 4am game

and eat my MacD!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Good Night!

Ah, such a busy day.

Fasted from morning till 6pm.

One thing is when you are busy,

time passed very fast.

and your day ends fast, in relative manner.

Good night!

Heard this song over the radio today.

Always thought the title is Journey, but hehe. I have problem with lyrics, and this is no exception; so many years still dont know more than 50% of the song.