Friday, January 17, 2014

Another one.

Oh no, another entry of an emo rants by the ever emotional ACS again.

Sorry, dont read la pan.

I went to GH to trace the results and to arrange for a cool frozen section procedure (but distance from OT to lab is 17 km)

then I met the relatives of a young patient.

25 year old, with thymoma. We opened up abt 3-4 months ago, and found the very vascularise mass to be encapsulating the heart, no way we can excise that.

Discharge him, back home.

He was depressed.

I met him once with his very caring sister in shopping mall once, 2 months ago I think.

Sister says he is depressed, not doing much, so brought him to mall and movie.

Oh well,

I saw his mother and sister.

He passed away on Monday.

Tragic and fragile isnt it?

Passing away at such a tender age.

So many deaths I came across recently.

Am I getting old, or the people I know getting older?

We will all die i know.

The tragic thing is that we dont know when, and how.

Death it self, the end of everything, is not that tragic.

It ends everything.


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