Sunday, January 12, 2014


Someone asked me the other day what is bipolar mental disorder.

Now I dont know the real definition or the exact diagnosis of it, from what I think it is, the something like mood swings.

Of course it is at more pathological way and magnitude than that of our usual mood swings.

I dont know if all of us have, but I do have my swings.

Typically I woke up a bit down. 

And the mood came up more the moment I meet people.

Ha ha ha. Probably then I can talk to people, it cures my downness.

Oh well, but sometimes I have my ups, energetic and very fast thinking, at that moment I will quickly go to my keyboard and start to write some good pieces of things I am thinking.

I will be able to read a lot of things and understand some theories (which have nothing to do with medicine)

Hehehe, anyway, CNY is around the corner. 

The CNY songs started to invade the malls.

Gong Xi Fa Cai countdown!

In case you are overseas and miss all the tune. (1 hour of CNY songs, take that!)

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