Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I lost one of my favourite patient over the weekend.

And I think another one is going soon.

Very sad thinking of the things they have said to me, the kindness they have shown to the people around them before.

Sometimes I think if I pass, what would be the people around me feel?

Anyhow not to talk too much into the above question, as it implies deep sadness.

Anyhow about my favourite patient, I met and talked to the family members. The currently sick one has got tremendously lovely family. The daughter that had been staying in ward with him is a very nice lady, very understanding and generous with smile, even at the time when there is tears in her eyes.

I guess it is true that until the needle hits you, you will never feel the real pain.

Similarly, we can only offer acknowledgement and nods to the family of the passing, but we would not know their actual pain.

Someone said that I am someone who empathize. But too much, sadly.

I am not suitable to be in the rat race or the money-only marketing.

Sorry I went off topic again, but hmm...

I feel for someone who did not get the best deal.

Perhaps my job is the better between what I wanted to do when I started to think about quiting the current job.

I actually do not think that I can sell something that make myself richer and another person at a loss.



pp said...

Y so emo...

ACS said...

not enuff money to spend mah!