Thursday, January 23, 2014


I read all the the comments on my piece as Another Malaysian Doctor, and also the reply from one Soraya Salim to my opinion.

1. I did not say that building hospital would not help. But we need more than just that. 

It is very simple logic to accept that more hospitals = less waiting time, but I think I would have failed myself if I sent across a message that I objected building hospitals.

2. The first Msian doctor's piece is personal and emotional. - judging from the title itself 

Patients coming to Sungai Buloh Hospital, beware!

Not personal and, not emotional title?

3. The reply from Soraya Salim is totally personal. And even more emotional. 

I agree with her on the data she put across regarding admissions/bed and so on, sounds concrete and yes we do need more hospitals. Please refer to point 1.

Her relative waiting for 3 years for heart surgery will definitely benefit from training up more cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthesiologists, upgrading cardiac OTs, rather than having more hospitals. 

Her parents who waited for whole day for Outpatient consultations would benefit from improved primary care rather than more hospitals. Postal service of medication by Pharmacy like what we have in Sarawak would help. Not more hospitals.  


Actually, the reason why I wrote my opinion to TMI is because of this sentence:

Meanwhile, Malaysians who have no other option, except government hospitals, will continue to suffer.

Because there is a Mak Cik back in Penang never went to school, use an EX5 to commute Penang GH, and got her treatment right for her medical problems since her son was at secondary school not even know what is Penicillin.

When he was 13 year old, the Mak Cik had a ruptured ectopic which the doctors picked up, operated on, and followed up with a BTL and following that had a TAHBSO done years later.

When he was 20s, the Mak Cik had very bad multi joints pain and stiffness later diagnosed as severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, but she presented so so late to the doctors in Penang GH, but managed to get her treatment well on par with UK standards where her son read medicine and not in Penang with her.

When and most recently she had Bells Palsy which her son thought is Stroke, but unable to fly back from across the South Chinese Sea where he worked as a doctor, but the A&E doctors in Penang GH managed to do the CT Brain, follow up closely by Neurologist with proper treatment and investigations.

And all these without the doctors knowing that her son is actually a medical officer.

And when A Malaysian Doctor say Malaysians who go to Government Hospitals will continue to suffer,  

I am supposed to keeping quiet?

Now this is personal. And not going to be published in TMI. 

We should not be talking personal things in public and ask for public intervention. Keep academic discourse, academic. 

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