Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I followed our country's political scenario with interest but only on desktop closely.

And I am concerned with our politicians' comments and tweets regarding our youths going to the street to protest the price hikes recently. However, I was particularly taken aback and actually disappointed with one of our youth leader's comment regarding students going to the street.

I categorically do not agree with the notion that youths, and specifically students should not involve with the politics.

Many had argued against that notion with reasons of human rights that students too have their protected right to be involved in peaceful assembly.

Some even quoted examples of student's activism in the West to push for reform and for the good of the nation. Others quoted the early days of our leaders today were also student activists. The likes of Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim started to lead activism since student life.

The counter argument and I cannot agree more that students should prioritize their studies and not over zealously involved in politics.

However, to me personally, involvement in any planned and organized street demonstration for a cause that they believe in is perfectly fine.

Now my opinion stemmed from my own experience. I was a student then, and graduated 3 years ago and currently working.

My humble opinion is that the short 5 years of  tertiary student's life is the only time that nothing is holding back the minds to pursue the cause and principles that they believe in.

Students in general is still less affected by the date of the next month's house mortgage installment, or whether their preferred baby products that are on special discounts in the supermarket. These are times that they are not worried about their in-laws opinion on the motorcycle that he or she is riding around or bothered by the cholesterol levels of their parents.

Once he or she is out of the universities or colleges and entering working life, there is so much at stake and tendency to look after your own business, rather than holding and acting on matters your believe will contribute to the society, so to speak.

What I experience is that once money comes into the picture, the once ambitious and thoughts that I could try to correct the social inequality - sadly, relinquished.

And so, politics became the activity exclusively to those who have large disposable income, and less of a concern, to those whose income matches expenditure, in perfect balance.

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