Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse for Ox (me!)

I was supposed to do my case report before I leave for good.

However, one can only concentrate for certain number of hours.

I am even worst. I cant seem to concentrate for one hour.

And so I ended up reading this:


The saying: When ox comes into horse homeland, although they counteract with each other, but man's determination can conquer nature.

People born in 1949,1961,1973,1985,1997 are guilty of Jupiter in 2014 and the way to resolve
You would be guilty of Jupiter(Tai Sui) in 2014, which would infect your interpersonal relationships, but not too serious. The villains might make mischief behind or play tricks, which would make you sink into trouble unclearly. You could disregard as long as you could open and above board. Wealth would not be good. You'd better have a full understanding of the market before acting if you want to invest, otherwise you might incur losses. In health you would be interfered by magnetic field, you need to do more exercises. You'd better greet the arrival of 2014 with an optimistic attitude and a healthy body.

Zodiac Ox people Career Horoscope in 2014

You'd better prevent villains to make mischief, also prevent competitors to take reasonable measures to surpress. You'd better maintain a cautious attitude and magnanimous style for the potential pitfalls and crises in career. Only the heart is so candid, career naturally could be smooth. You would have a new career opportunity whether you are wage earner or businessman. You'd better strive to build good relationships and seize opportunities.

Zodiac Ox people Wealth Horoscope in 2014

Your wealth would be depressed with unexpected expenses. You'd better not lend money to others or be guarantor for others. You should be careful of contract or business documents to guard against fraud. You'd better know the background when cooperating with the others. Do not be overconfident. Wealth would always favor those who have maken preparation and worked very hard. If you could respond properly, you would have good wealth return.

Zodiac Ox people Love Horoscope in 2014

You would have more peaches in this year, then mostly are rotten peaches and you'd better handle carefully, otherwise troubles would come one after another. If you're married, you'd better control yourself and prevent from the third affair. If you're unmarried, you would feel the pressure. let it be. If you could face yourself and keep the reasonable and proper concept of selecting mate, grasp the chance initiatively, and enhance your external and internal conditions, then you could always get a good fate. You coulld feel free to seek help from friends and relatives. Marriage is an extremely important step in our life, you'd better not make wrong choice due to unstable mood.

Zodiac Ox people Health Horoscope in 2014

Your health would be poor, you'd better not make high-risk activities. You must be careful when driving, comply with traffic rules to spend the year in peace without any trouble and disaster. Elder Zodiac Ox people should prevent from falling down. You'd better seek medical attention immediately if you feel unwell.
Horoscope in 2014 of zodiac ox people born in 1985:The Na Yin of Zodiac Ox people born in Yi Chou Ox Year in 1985 is as "gold in sea", and is Bijie with "gold in sand" of Jia Wu Horse Year in 2014. Zodiac Ox people born in 1985 although harm Jupiter in 2014, but can get help from Bijie, brothers and friends can help you have a smooth ride out the storm, make more communication and cooperation with people, with external forces to solve the problem.
I have never believe in horoscope or fortune teller but I believe in certain karma rules.
Like the more good things i do, the worst it turns out to myself.
Seriously one. 

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