Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bank Card

I just remembered my ATM incidence many many years ago.

As I ran out of idea to write, I would just write down whatever comes to my mind at this moment.

I remembered making my last withdrawal in Stansted Airport before flying off to, was it France, I think, for holiday, together with the usual gang.

I think so la, actually cant remember exactly.

But the thing is, JPA has just banked in the quarterly allowance to the account, you know, quite a lot ok! (JPA fed me well and therefore I came back, hoho)

When I am back after a few or so, to my horror, when I stick my ATM card into the ATM machine - Balance - ZERO.

I was like...REALLY? shitssss

I called the bank on that night, had one of my biggest sleepless night ever.

Was so so so so worried.

Thankfully, the Ang Mohs being Ang Mohs, their customer service always Ichiban one. They let me filed a report to their system, and they investigated.

True enough, they realised that the withdrawals were made over a few days (I capped the withrawal to 500 pounds a day) at various places in London, and ATM CCTV reveals it wasnt me.

I was refunded full.

Until today, I am still traumatised by the event. Everytime I keyed in my password, I would make sure there is no Coca Cola tin around, and I covered the key pads properly with my hands.

Once bitten twice shy,

Twice bitten, better die.

No twice no twice! choi choi choi.


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