Sunday, February 02, 2014


I recently had a chat with a previous boss about general stuffs, you know work, news, politics, and swiftly I managed to bring him to football.

I was telling him my experience as a medical standby in the Sarawak football association (yeah, my job is to standby for both the teams in case of any medical emergencies)

So he asked me, is local football interesting?

Now that gets me going on and on for a good few minutes about football.

What you mean by is local football interesting? By that you are comparing the local vs the english premier league I supposed?

Now in my world, I play football. I don't play well of course.

I did not take up football early, only at 16 years old, thanks to a broken badminton racquet and I reckon at that time it was too expensive to get another one.

For me, someone who would stop my motorcycle to watch a random game between 2 teams of unknown people playing on public field if I am free, how can you think that our local league is not interesting?

These are state players for goodness sake! They can play so much better than me. Who am I to say that; hey look, your football is not interesting!

The fact is that, these people are also also football players. I can feel them when they are playing. Just like how I felt when I am playing.

We ran our heart out, we defended the attacks with our lives, when we go forward and attack, we do it with all our might.

How dare you say our football is not interesting?

This is the problem here you see.

Please dont get me wrong, I am not trying to ridicule those following Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and you know...Man Utd/Everton I kept confuse these days; but the fact is that if you are watching football, they are both interesting, but different level.

I have my enlightenment conversation some 7-8 years ago, when I was reading medicine in UK. There is this Ang Moh classmate of mine who asked me what is my favourite team.

I said Man Utd. Really, I was crazy about Man Utd. Bedsheet, duvet covers, pillow covers, giant posters.

Then he asked me, "Is there any of your family members playing for Man Utd?" No. "Are your family members from Manchester region?" No. "Do you have anything to do with Man Utd?" No.

then why are you so crazy about them?

That just gave me a wake up call.

Not to let go my allegiance, or interest to follow the progress and football of Man Utd,

but to do the same with my country's and my state's team.

And you see, nowadays if people ask me who is my favourite player?

I wouldnt be saying it is Safee Sali, or Nazmi Faiz, although I respected them a lot.

I would still pick an International player.

Darren Fletcher.

And the mouth of the fella who is asking would be gapping and say why?

You would expect commonly people look up to Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Robben, you know, all those top players, with huge talents

But I like Darren Fletcher (he is 30 yesterday btw)

Because he doesnt have a lot of talent, just like most of us.

But in every game that he is given a chance to play, he would run until the whistle blows.

That to me, is the most exemplary player. By that I mean, I can aspire to be him.

I cant be messi. I cant be ronaldo. why fantasize?


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