Monday, February 03, 2014


I was looking through things yesterday.

Then saw someone's handwriting. ]

Very unique one.

Funny, I then overthinking again, as usual.

I wonder how our handwriting thing come by?

I mean, who shapes our handwriting?

Grammars are taught (like mine is utter rubbish grammar, poorly taught I know)

Styles are learned. If you read some authors book too much, your style of writing will change.

But handwriting is, somewhat inborn, isn't it.

Everyone has got their own handwriting.

Same style when we started writing.

And none of us having illegible writing when we started, am I right?

I think it became illegible when you dont care.

When you dont care whether anyone can read

When you dont put an effort to make this communicable.

For example this referral:
 I can only see...I.....???? gallstone dx? ecg

what sort of writing is this seriously

Okay, bye.

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