Thursday, March 27, 2014


I would like to have a post to remember a nice uncle that passed away because of a heart surgery during my time in Kuching.

Dont sure why, thought of him today while driving back from work.

I remember seeing him in the ward's corridor, asking him if he is okay to postponed the surgery for another three months because the ward is very full.

He said okay; without much hassle.

No pain one, he said.

I felt bad, just like to every other patients I sent back.

I offer MC for a week, medications check, upgrade of medications if they are on some cheapo cheapo drugs, thats how I tried to mend the situation.

I am cheating them actually, of their rightful surgery, because really, the line is long.

This uncle is funny. He shops for doctors, he went to Doc A, took some meds, then go to Doc B, took some other meds, then Doc C.

He is taking all of those!

On three similar medications, but different names and colors.

We should all spend more time with our patients.

Unfortunately, the scenario is not as easy as we hope for.

We all have parents/wife/children/relatives/friends to settle at home after work.

So we tried to finish our work on time.

Not right isn;t it?

I was told that I am a good person the other day.

but i felt bad almost every other day for every patients I seen.


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