Sunday, March 23, 2014


I have always think that there are so many things in the world that we cant change.

That we can only accept and move on with the change that the particular thing has made onto us instead.

Sometimes we cant help but to think of what is the purpose of our life.

The roller coaster of life is mystifying.

All good things will come to an end, and vice versa


And thankfully.

Then why we need to mend something that are to be broken again?

Cant we just leave it broken and dont use that again?

Or we pretend we do not have anything to be used in the first place.

The darkness point is the point that made us to take a different route which seemingly more glowy.

Everyday is a new day.

And yet, we are still the same self.

And because the finish line is unknown

The result is never certain.

And one moment you think you are doing allright, winning the race, and that life is complete.

It will come crashing down at another mo.

Because life can puncit any mo.


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