Saturday, June 28, 2014


Everyone has a breaking point when the ugly side will come out.

If you think someone has none, you have not push him or her to the limit yet.

Top 3 characteristics of patients seeking treatment in Hospital that I hated the most, in which I will never, ever, able to find the heart to treat you;

1. VIP

Seriously. Give me a reason why your treatment has to be any more perfect than a rubber tapper.

Seriously. Give me a reason why your wait has to be any more shorter than a odd job worker.

If you are an VIP; or the children of such a remarkable person; just help us to relieve the burden of work in our hospital.

2. Sue you if anything happen to my father.


No doctors will ever want to touch your father. I am dead serious.

There is a tribal feelings amongst us in medical field, that when someone is rumoured to be issuing legal warning to health care workers (some even before the treatment is started), no one will want to touch you.

We, doctors,

are afterall, just human like everyone else, just with an extra set of skills and knowledge, and heart to help and heal.

We make mistakes, which we will nevertheless as we are all human.

We are all in the learning curves.

To be warned of "make no mistakes if not I will sue you", is akin asking us to swim with our legs tied. I rather stay on the boat.

3. Doctor's shopping

One of the biggest flaw in our system is the fact that we can seek treatment from any doctors in town, any hospitals within the border and get medications from everyone.

And that flaw is thought to be an advantage to patients (judging from the opposition of the idea of 1care.)

I have seen patient on 3-4 types of medications, all from three different doctors, and all same medications of different brands.

It is a grave misconceptions that taking more medications will heal the disease faster.


I have recently met a patient who was angry because his medications finished before his appointment and he was therefore not on any of them.

When confronted, he is very angry and places the entire blame on the system for not having medications.

"Doktor tak bagi, macamana saya nak dapatkan ubat. Appointment belum sampai!!"

I just calmly said to him:

"Badan pakcik tanggungjawab pakcik"

Might sound a little irresponsible but really, I meant every single word I said.

Essentially, our health is our responsibility.

Dont blame anyone else.

Side note:

Not long ago saw her in Giant supermarket. She grew up to be a beautiful young girl.
To think back how sick she was just 2 years ago, when she was admitted to ICU, ventilated and requiring IV line from everywhere and we even have to shave her to insert an IV line on her scalp because we have run out of veins to give her medications and fluids, I am humbled by the power of whoever up there and able to find a bit of reason to continue, my job.
(picture is with her parent's consent. Her father is a Sarawak FA football player which I knew from my stint as their medical officer escort during home games, and the big angry bird is my discharge present for her. )

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