Friday, June 20, 2014


Recently I had a random conversation with a patient.

He was saying that we, men, need to have something bad to keep us sane.

(He is still smoking despite having advanced heart disease)

He said he doesnt drink alcohol.

He doesnt go for prostitute outside.

He doesnt gamble.

He doesnt eat unhealthy food.

He just, smokes.

Then I told him;

Of all the sins we can undertake, if we must, like what he say;

as a doctor,  I would recommend gambling.

Alcohol kills your liver.

Prostitution gives you STDs.

Unhealthy food, oh well, as the name suggests;

Smoking gives you lung Cancer and heart diseases.

Gambling, is somewhat, healthy.

(I am in no way, trying to propagate the sin of gambling, fyi)

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