Friday, June 27, 2014

Rounds and rounds again

Sometimes, I wonder what is the point of life.

Not to be dramatic, but then again and again I wonder.

Why is it we live to die one day?

We strive to earn money, and then spend them, just to work harder to earn another rounds of money, and then for us to find a place to spend all of them.

No money to spend, dont spend, dont have to find that extra money.

But right now, most of us, are finding money for person we care, to spend.

Sorry my TTM just got me philosophical again today.

- after a call that makes me feel like quiting the job I am not too sure, for what, and what for, I am doing.


Winston Yap said...

Ya, I also have the same thought.
What's the use of being born and then having to face death.
But I am a senior citizen when such philosophical thoughts come naturally.
Also thoughts of life's closure also rank high.
My take is one day we will all become disabled and dependent on others to take care of us.
That is the day to be dreaded - to be at the mercy of others.
According to Internet articles, many Westerners have already stocked up on sleeping pills so that when the day arrives they can just pop their pills and say goodbye to the world.
It's a good idea.
What say you?

Anonymous said...

We live to leave a mark in somebody's life, albeit small or insignificant our contributions may be.

Anonymous said...

Why do we live if we are going to die?
Why do we strive to earn if we shall simply spend?

We set a goal. We work so hard. We achieve that goal. Then we set another goal. The cycle then repeats.

An analogy: We have exam. We work so hard. We get results. We become happy. then what happen? We have another exam.

Do we really think that life is that useless? is life merely a set of routine?

I have had those questions before too.

What do you say if one person tells you that for him, this life is the place to work for betterment of the time so-called afterlife? In other word, this world that he sees daily is just temporary. (We can both see how temporary it is. E.g The death of people around us) That person does not think that the reason he lives is to simply die one day. Instead of thinking life as a routine of waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, the gap between the waking up and sleep becomes the time or (should i metaphorically say land) to "plant" deeds that prepare him to "yield" for the afterlife. Instead of thinking life as a routine of earning money and spending, he believes that any money spent for good cause for the sake of God is another seed of deed for the afterlife.

He thinks of "death", instead of a finishing line, as the checkpoint connecting this life and the next. "Becoming old" instead of as a time for him to naturally become dependent, becomes a time to share his wisdom and for the youth to do good deeds to (so they can plant their "deeds seedlings" too!). and he thinks of becoming old as a big reminder to tell him how the death checkpoint is drawing near.

I know that some people do not believe in the afterlife, but I thought I should just add here for us to think.

Is it possible to have an afterlife?
if thats a no,
is it possible that I am created to simply do repeated routines until I die?

If the answer of the latter is a yes, then all of us literally hidup kais pagi makan pagi. To yearn, earn and spend, and the cycle repeats.

"And this life of the world is nothing but a sport and a play; and as for the next abode, that most surely is the Life- did they but know!"

By the way, you're not being dramatic by wondering such questions. Those are the most important questions, but we always opt to be in denial by stopping to look for the answers.

:)Sincerely, N
p/s: I like your blog. Do continue writing.

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