Thursday, July 31, 2014

Words of wisdom

Was walking around the bookshop; and stumbled upon the bookmark segment.
Can't believe that on this day;
angchoonseong would actually
Be in a bookshop and spent so much time
Standing there and reading through one by one
Those words of encouragements on the bookmark.
I bought one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dr M

Ice cream of Macdonald.
I still remember many many years ago she would fetch me to M (MacDonald) to buy 2 sundae cones; and it is 50sen each bcoz there was promotion time; for very long time I remember.
Usually after we go dinner in hawker stall; usually hokkien mee in town.
She will siap siap lipat the one ringgit note with 10sen coin at home already.
She will stop our old ex5 Honda outside n then asked me to go in buy. I remember myself being very anxious even to order ice cream.
Wearing a helmet; fat little ang will order two cones from the ever smiley MacDonald worker over the counter.
We will finish the ice cream outside the M by the motorbike and then go home.
How fast time passes;
I grew fatter n she became older and sugar level became more labile (DM on diet control)
But we are still doing the same.

Selamat Hari Raya

To everyone that reading this blog (if any)

Maaf zahir dan batin.

(Been working through this extended weekend and down with once in my lifetime super stomachache and all night long diarrhoea until sunken eye - not due to raya food, but due to my own cooking, of well paradoxically uncooked chicken in chicken soup)

Lesson learnt - dont cook. Just go out and eat. Cheaper, faster and safer.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just a job 2

Society changes all the time.

We were at one time looking up so highly on our teachers and doctors, but now almost every publications in the newspapers about those two professions is about their wrongdoings, their mistakes and so on.

This is very saddening.

I might not be at those days when teachers who caned their students would not only be frown upon by the parents, but they are apologetic and ashamed of their child's behaviour.

Nowadays, no teacher would touch their students despite the abuse they get at work.

Just teach, give homework, smile...

Result not good - the most you get is that you are not a good teacher.

But try shouting at students - bad person. evil , abusive, mentally problematic and etc.

It became, just a job. Just punched in and out and go home.

Right cikgu?

Same with doctors, so many of us are leaving the service to be a private GP, or some even venture outside medical field, because taking this as just a job is not as simple, but at the same time taking this more than a job is demotivating and tiring.

Most of the patients we see today; are looking at doctors as a medical worker, a person who is paid handsomely to do his job, and must do the job well.

Gone were the days when patients and their family look at you as someone who wanted to help.

No, the doctors are earning my money (a wage) to help me.

Now here's the irony: doing the job well is easy, smile chubbily, prescribe the medications as expected, work according to time and just dont do anything more no less.

Still smoking? no problem Mr patient; i am just working. Reprimanding you will make the consultation distasteful isnt it.

Sign MC? no problem Mr patient; I better sign that, if not the consultation would be a waste of your time.

In fact this is already the way some of our support services are doing.

Try organise a transfer of a patient with heart attack to a centre who can do angiogram, it is just a job to most of the support service - if it happened to be in between shifts, tough luck Mr Patient, you have to wait for the next shift.

I see lesser and lesser point in me trying to push for things, as in the end, we became less popular, labelled a demanding arrogant doctor who has no empathy to other worker's shift.

I try hard to change things, but in the end, when patients filing complaints like

- doctors slow to do discharge;

and our KKM is investigating with a show cause letter;

what is the point really?

Friday, July 25, 2014

It is just a job

Get it done.

And go home.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goldberg criteria

Just woke up from my post work after dinner nap, with my working clothes on.

Clock shows 1105pm.

S**ts. I am oncall tomorrow.

Just as the title above, in this entry I am going to be medical.

Today I learnt of three things that I thought I know but actually I dont.

1. Fentanyl patch are contraindicated in approaching end stage renal failure. Treat pain in HD patients with more ?i dont care.

2. Sterile method does matter - post central line insertion in a contaminated field will produce infective period despite being on strong antibiotics.

3. I satisfied most of the Goldberg criteria.

Pre call blues.

Sleep early tonight.

Hope for a good call tomorrow...

(oh god why am I becoming so chicken as years pass...)

An old song I heard on Flyfm on the way back just now:

I still prefer this videoclip, as it reminds me so much of how I, myself, surprise,


at times.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Been reading a lot about the MH17.

2014 is a bad day for Malaysia Airlines.

Taking flight nowadays seems dangerous.

The other day I was dreaming about going some place in a small plane and it crashes. Cant remember the details tho.

As usual I have some problem with orthopedic addiction; kept imagining my ulnar and radius will be fractured when I was falling down the sky with my arm crosses to protect my head.

And the view of the ground became bigger and bigger as I drew nearer to the ground.

But I never gets to the ground.

I was falling down and down and down and down with the view repeating itself of the ground getting nearer and nearer and I bracing for impact.

Till I woke up.


RIP MH 17.

Hope those affected will be able to get through it with time, the greatest healer.

And although the co-pilot is from PFS, I have no recollection of my contact with him, Mr Hakimi.

Also there is another young lady from CGL seemed to be in the ill fated flight as well, cant recall her name now, read from Msianinsider just now.

Ok, good night people.

# Life can puncit anytime. and the damn thing is that it always do when you dont have your spare tyre with you.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cameron Highlands

Love the highlands.

One day I will ride a superbike up here and have my BOH tea.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day

Happy National Day France!

Can you imagine if the French lift the 2014 World Cup this time on this date as well?

It would be super double celebration!

As I have been saying for more than 10 years already (since Form 4 after I learnt the Bastille Day) I gave the French, a reason to celebrate my birthday. 

Ok Mr Whatablog; Have a goodl year ahead.

No I dont like Birth Day song


I read one of my friend's blog many years ago.

He writes on and off when he was around, I didnt follow closely.

After his passing, I read through his entire blog.

There is one entry about how he coped with depression. It was a catchy piece, I enjoyed reading it, mainly because it really surprised me that he, a rather chirpy guy, was at one point, battling depression.

However, I remembered when I was reading the piece some years ago, it wasnt that brilliant a piece compared to now,I just finished his book for the second? third? time. 

(His mother made some of the content of his blog into a book, and that entry about depression has been selected)

I particularly like that part he talked about how he drove for hours from his house to some random places at night.

Everyone will feel down once a while.

I must say that I find driving - therapeutic.

Driving gives you a purpose, in everyone else's eyes. You are moving from Point A to B, and you are not doing anything else because, err, you are driving. 

Spending time purely on your own, and listening to random music programme, songs you dont understand the lyrics.

Your mind is focus on driving, but actually not focusing on driving. 

Deep leh.


Oh course for another person who has something else to do, driving is wasting time.

I spent RM600 a month on driving to and fro work.

Thats expenditure I put under account - Entertainment.

Sunrise; my usual drive to work. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why would anyone wants to be a doctor, after this.

I read with great concern, the news regarding the allegation of a son of a 76 year old patient in one of our government hospital.

He alleged that the ECG wires and oxygen hose connected to the patient was been strucked off too hard and too fast, thus somehow causing the death of her mother.

My deepest condolence for his loss.

But it is very difficult for me to accept his complaints, oh well, this is my blog so I get to decide what to say.

Now, I am in no way trying to defend the hospital, or agreeing with the allegation, just based on one sided story.

But, the way it was reported is worrisome.

It would be getting harder to be a doctor in the government service with all these negativity.

Patients are getting difficult to deal with.


Or is it that we are getting worst in dealing with this change of patient characteristic?

I dunno la.

In the future;

Patients would be extra vigilant to any potential error or any near-error to be committed by the government doctors. 

They would be on the look out for errors.

Every minute spent waiting for consultation would be potentially causing harm to them, and in the event that the waiting time is subjectively too long, explanation is warranted from the head of service.

Every prescription would be questioned, the red tablets, the white tablets, the blue tablets, and even the arrangements of the ECG wires. The fixed, unshakable perception is that goverment hospital's medications might cause harm to their patients.

Every MC turned down is an act of arrogance of a filthy rich doctor who did not spend more than 15 minutes time to talk to the patient and thus unable to empathise the patient's need for a sufficient rest from work.

Every rejection for requests for stocking up pain killers, gastric medications and cough syrups for future use would be construed as an act of uncaring doctors, hoping to cash in from future transactions of consultations for the said medications.  

Every explanation of disease process must not be taken as it is be it from a house officer, medical officer or specialist, but it must be verified by internet and facebook.

Every death of an elderly person is no longer being accepted as a natural process, but as a failure and potential negligence of the medical treatment. 

Every doctor who doesn't smile would be considered unacceptably rude, and being rude is going to negatively affecting the psychological healing of the patient, and a potential legal action can be pursued.

Patients would be issuing warnings of potential legal actions against the doctors in the event of their love ones being mistreated, or if it seeming so.

Media would be zeroing in hospitals administration's Key Performing Index as mainly on the complaints filed against the ministry. It has nothing exciting else to publicise, not the statistics of patients who are discharged well, not on the boring dengue breeding sites abolishment, not on the blood donation campaign or health prevention activities.

And the doctors who hope to serve like yours sincerely, 

would be wondering why and how, to serve well.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Heard about this malaysia chabor thing quite sometime but never got the time to youtube it.

yesterday MyFm played it and yes, this is very cute song.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup

When I bet:

She will wake up to watch 4am game

and eat my MacD!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Good Night!

Ah, such a busy day.

Fasted from morning till 6pm.

One thing is when you are busy,

time passed very fast.

and your day ends fast, in relative manner.

Good night!

Heard this song over the radio today.

Always thought the title is Journey, but hehe. I have problem with lyrics, and this is no exception; so many years still dont know more than 50% of the song.

Saturday, July 05, 2014


Cleaned my room today.

Mission accomplished.

(this mission has been postponed for umpteen times, and with a rare weekend off but unable to sleep yet, I decided to do some cleaning)


1. Old poster of the brain - seriously cant believe that I bought this during my medical school time, and of all the organ, why brain? No idea. Probably that was the organ I understood less when I was a medical student, oh well, until know. Brain oh brain - why cant u be more understandable?

2. Ski socks. Oh good memory! Dont think I would be going ski or anywhere that needing gloves for the next foreseeable years. It is just too ridiculously expensive to fly over to the other hemisphere. However, the thought of sudden missing in the plane and never been found again and yet family get a good insurance claim is rather attractive.

3. Scottish pounds. I remembered taking some of these notes to Money Changer in Penang and was told that they are not willing to take in as pounds, but however would do me a favour to change it ringgit to ringgit (meaning 5 pounds = 5 ringgit) - u think i baru lahir?

4, Eraser - initially I type rubber: but due to the aging audience that I am addressing, I think they might misunderstand me. What I meant was the stationery rubber- eraser! The full set of eraser with country flags from so many years ago, during the reign of rubber king, beat all other rubbers in the school, anyway dunno still can use or not. (if I say rubber, it sounds so wrong and yet right) - huhu 

5. Sarawak pepper (not really the one use for cooking, but can be used for cooking I guessed, in a very pretty bottle) - I bought that during my first flight back from Kuching to Penang then. But then forgot to take out to use. Currently, it has expired liau, cannot eat liau think.

and many more.

It is getting harder to throw things as each of these "useless" things represented a state of mind at one time. Looking at the old things bring back old memories, be it good or bad memories.

Happy weekend guys.

Weekends are meant to be meaningless.
Thats the real weakends
- Ang CS -

Thursday, July 03, 2014


I will start my journey to work about 630am to reach the hospital at about 7.30am.

If I leave 630am, I can catch the sunrise at the middle of the Penang Bridge.

A few times I stopped at the stopping area to enjoy the scenery (it is illegal to stop, mind you).

Very beautiful view. With the sea water reflecting the faint rays of sunlight, nice.


But sometimes, due to crazy world cup and on and off insomnia, I smetimes overslept.

But luckily my alarm clock in form of Motherclock never fails me.

Latest by 6.30am she would wake me up and then I fly out of my room, and it is all rush to get to work by 745am (I dont like to be late to work, it is just too much hassle to explain yourself to other people)

I would leave work most of the time about 6pm, usually, to reach home about 7pm.

If there is more colleagues in the ward, maybe by 530pm we can leave, but far between la the probability. Usually there is some stuffs drag drag over.

Yes the journey to and fro is rather tiring.

Sometimes, I stopped at the petrol station to nap a while, cannot tahan, too sleepy on the way back.

Other times, I might drive with autopilot, cannot really recall my journey home when I got home.

The other day, got into an accident.

I think I braked too fast and the car behind cant stopped in time, and kissed the back of my car.

I went down to see, seemingly quite okay la, not much damaged. I thought maybe 100-200 can settle.

The driver was an old lady, with her Classic Nissan Sunny.

And you know Nissan Sunny is like tank, nothing happened to her car.

She repeatedly say sorry say sorry, and I think she looks like a hawker seller, with some big periuks at the backseats.

Tak sampai hati want to ask for money la, I waved okay, and left, oh well, since my initial inspection revealed just comestic damage.

Then I went to Tesco to buy some groceries for the weekend.

Bought already, went to the car, open the boot, damn.

Cant close back, think the knock has damaged the boot lock, cannot close.

Went to the nearby garage -

RM 200.

The mechanic just took out a hammer and hammer the boot back to the shape.

About 8 knocks.

Thats about 25 bucks per knocks.

- Auntie, whereever you are, its RM200!~!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Choon Seong vs Chung Siang

Some people who know my Chinese name will find my chinese name and my written name is very different.

And for the same "middle name" - Choon, my brother has the spelling of Chung.

My chinese last name is Siang - but when spelled it out, it became Seong.

I just want to mention that I love my name.

But the thing is, this was not what the name giver intended.

When I was born, my mum and dad has forgotten how to spell chung, that was given to my brother - Chung How.

So when they register me (source from mum, not entirely reliable, actually), the Indian woman over the counter spelled for them.

The Chung has evolved into Choon.

and Siang, as pronounced in chinese, has became...

Seong. (really very, different, even in Indian slang isn't it)

I have no idea why the 9 months duration when this great author was planned to be delivered, there is no discussion on how to spell the choosen name - Ang Chung Siang.

The Indian woman, over the counter - whoever you are, -_-\

Thanks for the lovely name.

Ang Choon Seong is a great name.

On an unrelated note, came across this in youtube.

This is the series that cheated me to study so hard for scholarship to go abroad.

I thought studying in overseas is like what was portrayed in the show.


We are weirdoes there ok.

and where got so chun girl there. Tipu one.