Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Choon Seong vs Chung Siang

Some people who know my Chinese name will find my chinese name and my written name is very different.

And for the same "middle name" - Choon, my brother has the spelling of Chung.

My chinese last name is Siang - but when spelled it out, it became Seong.

I just want to mention that I love my name.

But the thing is, this was not what the name giver intended.

When I was born, my mum and dad has forgotten how to spell chung, that was given to my brother - Chung How.

So when they register me (source from mum, not entirely reliable, actually), the Indian woman over the counter spelled for them.

The Chung has evolved into Choon.

and Siang, as pronounced in chinese, has became...

Seong. (really very, different, even in Indian slang isn't it)

I have no idea why the 9 months duration when this great author was planned to be delivered, there is no discussion on how to spell the choosen name - Ang Chung Siang.

The Indian woman, over the counter - whoever you are, -_-\

Thanks for the lovely name.

Ang Choon Seong is a great name.

On an unrelated note, came across this in youtube.

This is the series that cheated me to study so hard for scholarship to go abroad.

I thought studying in overseas is like what was portrayed in the show.


We are weirdoes there ok.

and where got so chun girl there. Tipu one.

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