Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dr M

Ice cream of Macdonald.
I still remember many many years ago she would fetch me to M (MacDonald) to buy 2 sundae cones; and it is 50sen each bcoz there was promotion time; for very long time I remember.
Usually after we go dinner in hawker stall; usually hokkien mee in town.
She will siap siap lipat the one ringgit note with 10sen coin at home already.
She will stop our old ex5 Honda outside n then asked me to go in buy. I remember myself being very anxious even to order ice cream.
Wearing a helmet; fat little ang will order two cones from the ever smiley MacDonald worker over the counter.
We will finish the ice cream outside the M by the motorbike and then go home.
How fast time passes;
I grew fatter n she became older and sugar level became more labile (DM on diet control)
But we are still doing the same.

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