Monday, July 14, 2014


I read one of my friend's blog many years ago.

He writes on and off when he was around, I didnt follow closely.

After his passing, I read through his entire blog.

There is one entry about how he coped with depression. It was a catchy piece, I enjoyed reading it, mainly because it really surprised me that he, a rather chirpy guy, was at one point, battling depression.

However, I remembered when I was reading the piece some years ago, it wasnt that brilliant a piece compared to now,I just finished his book for the second? third? time. 

(His mother made some of the content of his blog into a book, and that entry about depression has been selected)

I particularly like that part he talked about how he drove for hours from his house to some random places at night.

Everyone will feel down once a while.

I must say that I find driving - therapeutic.

Driving gives you a purpose, in everyone else's eyes. You are moving from Point A to B, and you are not doing anything else because, err, you are driving. 

Spending time purely on your own, and listening to random music programme, songs you dont understand the lyrics.

Your mind is focus on driving, but actually not focusing on driving. 

Deep leh.


Oh course for another person who has something else to do, driving is wasting time.

I spent RM600 a month on driving to and fro work.

Thats expenditure I put under account - Entertainment.

Sunrise; my usual drive to work. 

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