Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goldberg criteria

Just woke up from my post work after dinner nap, with my working clothes on.

Clock shows 1105pm.

S**ts. I am oncall tomorrow.

Just as the title above, in this entry I am going to be medical.

Today I learnt of three things that I thought I know but actually I dont.

1. Fentanyl patch are contraindicated in approaching end stage renal failure. Treat pain in HD patients with more ?i dont care.

2. Sterile method does matter - post central line insertion in a contaminated field will produce infective period despite being on strong antibiotics.

3. I satisfied most of the Goldberg criteria.

Pre call blues.

Sleep early tonight.

Hope for a good call tomorrow...

(oh god why am I becoming so chicken as years pass...)

An old song I heard on Flyfm on the way back just now:

I still prefer this videoclip, as it reminds me so much of how I, myself, surprise,


at times.

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