Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just a job 2

Society changes all the time.

We were at one time looking up so highly on our teachers and doctors, but now almost every publications in the newspapers about those two professions is about their wrongdoings, their mistakes and so on.

This is very saddening.

I might not be at those days when teachers who caned their students would not only be frown upon by the parents, but they are apologetic and ashamed of their child's behaviour.

Nowadays, no teacher would touch their students despite the abuse they get at work.

Just teach, give homework, smile...

Result not good - the most you get is that you are not a good teacher.

But try shouting at students - bad person. evil , abusive, mentally problematic and etc.

It became, just a job. Just punched in and out and go home.

Right cikgu?

Same with doctors, so many of us are leaving the service to be a private GP, or some even venture outside medical field, because taking this as just a job is not as simple, but at the same time taking this more than a job is demotivating and tiring.

Most of the patients we see today; are looking at doctors as a medical worker, a person who is paid handsomely to do his job, and must do the job well.

Gone were the days when patients and their family look at you as someone who wanted to help.

No, the doctors are earning my money (a wage) to help me.

Now here's the irony: doing the job well is easy, smile chubbily, prescribe the medications as expected, work according to time and just dont do anything more no less.

Still smoking? no problem Mr patient; i am just working. Reprimanding you will make the consultation distasteful isnt it.

Sign MC? no problem Mr patient; I better sign that, if not the consultation would be a waste of your time.

In fact this is already the way some of our support services are doing.

Try organise a transfer of a patient with heart attack to a centre who can do angiogram, it is just a job to most of the support service - if it happened to be in between shifts, tough luck Mr Patient, you have to wait for the next shift.

I see lesser and lesser point in me trying to push for things, as in the end, we became less popular, labelled a demanding arrogant doctor who has no empathy to other worker's shift.

I try hard to change things, but in the end, when patients filing complaints like

- doctors slow to do discharge;

and our KKM is investigating with a show cause letter;

what is the point really?

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