Saturday, July 19, 2014


Been reading a lot about the MH17.

2014 is a bad day for Malaysia Airlines.

Taking flight nowadays seems dangerous.

The other day I was dreaming about going some place in a small plane and it crashes. Cant remember the details tho.

As usual I have some problem with orthopedic addiction; kept imagining my ulnar and radius will be fractured when I was falling down the sky with my arm crosses to protect my head.

And the view of the ground became bigger and bigger as I drew nearer to the ground.

But I never gets to the ground.

I was falling down and down and down and down with the view repeating itself of the ground getting nearer and nearer and I bracing for impact.

Till I woke up.


RIP MH 17.

Hope those affected will be able to get through it with time, the greatest healer.

And although the co-pilot is from PFS, I have no recollection of my contact with him, Mr Hakimi.

Also there is another young lady from CGL seemed to be in the ill fated flight as well, cant recall her name now, read from Msianinsider just now.

Ok, good night people.

# Life can puncit anytime. and the damn thing is that it always do when you dont have your spare tyre with you.

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