Thursday, July 03, 2014


I will start my journey to work about 630am to reach the hospital at about 7.30am.

If I leave 630am, I can catch the sunrise at the middle of the Penang Bridge.

A few times I stopped at the stopping area to enjoy the scenery (it is illegal to stop, mind you).

Very beautiful view. With the sea water reflecting the faint rays of sunlight, nice.


But sometimes, due to crazy world cup and on and off insomnia, I smetimes overslept.

But luckily my alarm clock in form of Motherclock never fails me.

Latest by 6.30am she would wake me up and then I fly out of my room, and it is all rush to get to work by 745am (I dont like to be late to work, it is just too much hassle to explain yourself to other people)

I would leave work most of the time about 6pm, usually, to reach home about 7pm.

If there is more colleagues in the ward, maybe by 530pm we can leave, but far between la the probability. Usually there is some stuffs drag drag over.

Yes the journey to and fro is rather tiring.

Sometimes, I stopped at the petrol station to nap a while, cannot tahan, too sleepy on the way back.

Other times, I might drive with autopilot, cannot really recall my journey home when I got home.

The other day, got into an accident.

I think I braked too fast and the car behind cant stopped in time, and kissed the back of my car.

I went down to see, seemingly quite okay la, not much damaged. I thought maybe 100-200 can settle.

The driver was an old lady, with her Classic Nissan Sunny.

And you know Nissan Sunny is like tank, nothing happened to her car.

She repeatedly say sorry say sorry, and I think she looks like a hawker seller, with some big periuks at the backseats.

Tak sampai hati want to ask for money la, I waved okay, and left, oh well, since my initial inspection revealed just comestic damage.

Then I went to Tesco to buy some groceries for the weekend.

Bought already, went to the car, open the boot, damn.

Cant close back, think the knock has damaged the boot lock, cannot close.

Went to the nearby garage -

RM 200.

The mechanic just took out a hammer and hammer the boot back to the shape.

About 8 knocks.

Thats about 25 bucks per knocks.

- Auntie, whereever you are, its RM200!~!

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