Saturday, July 05, 2014


Cleaned my room today.

Mission accomplished.

(this mission has been postponed for umpteen times, and with a rare weekend off but unable to sleep yet, I decided to do some cleaning)


1. Old poster of the brain - seriously cant believe that I bought this during my medical school time, and of all the organ, why brain? No idea. Probably that was the organ I understood less when I was a medical student, oh well, until know. Brain oh brain - why cant u be more understandable?

2. Ski socks. Oh good memory! Dont think I would be going ski or anywhere that needing gloves for the next foreseeable years. It is just too ridiculously expensive to fly over to the other hemisphere. However, the thought of sudden missing in the plane and never been found again and yet family get a good insurance claim is rather attractive.

3. Scottish pounds. I remembered taking some of these notes to Money Changer in Penang and was told that they are not willing to take in as pounds, but however would do me a favour to change it ringgit to ringgit (meaning 5 pounds = 5 ringgit) - u think i baru lahir?

4, Eraser - initially I type rubber: but due to the aging audience that I am addressing, I think they might misunderstand me. What I meant was the stationery rubber- eraser! The full set of eraser with country flags from so many years ago, during the reign of rubber king, beat all other rubbers in the school, anyway dunno still can use or not. (if I say rubber, it sounds so wrong and yet right) - huhu 

5. Sarawak pepper (not really the one use for cooking, but can be used for cooking I guessed, in a very pretty bottle) - I bought that during my first flight back from Kuching to Penang then. But then forgot to take out to use. Currently, it has expired liau, cannot eat liau think.

and many more.

It is getting harder to throw things as each of these "useless" things represented a state of mind at one time. Looking at the old things bring back old memories, be it good or bad memories.

Happy weekend guys.

Weekends are meant to be meaningless.
Thats the real weakends
- Ang CS -

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