Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why would anyone wants to be a doctor, after this.

I read with great concern, the news regarding the allegation of a son of a 76 year old patient in one of our government hospital.

He alleged that the ECG wires and oxygen hose connected to the patient was been strucked off too hard and too fast, thus somehow causing the death of her mother.

My deepest condolence for his loss.

But it is very difficult for me to accept his complaints, oh well, this is my blog so I get to decide what to say.

Now, I am in no way trying to defend the hospital, or agreeing with the allegation, just based on one sided story.

But, the way it was reported is worrisome.

It would be getting harder to be a doctor in the government service with all these negativity.

Patients are getting difficult to deal with.


Or is it that we are getting worst in dealing with this change of patient characteristic?

I dunno la.

In the future;

Patients would be extra vigilant to any potential error or any near-error to be committed by the government doctors. 

They would be on the look out for errors.

Every minute spent waiting for consultation would be potentially causing harm to them, and in the event that the waiting time is subjectively too long, explanation is warranted from the head of service.

Every prescription would be questioned, the red tablets, the white tablets, the blue tablets, and even the arrangements of the ECG wires. The fixed, unshakable perception is that goverment hospital's medications might cause harm to their patients.

Every MC turned down is an act of arrogance of a filthy rich doctor who did not spend more than 15 minutes time to talk to the patient and thus unable to empathise the patient's need for a sufficient rest from work.

Every rejection for requests for stocking up pain killers, gastric medications and cough syrups for future use would be construed as an act of uncaring doctors, hoping to cash in from future transactions of consultations for the said medications.  

Every explanation of disease process must not be taken as it is be it from a house officer, medical officer or specialist, but it must be verified by internet and facebook.

Every death of an elderly person is no longer being accepted as a natural process, but as a failure and potential negligence of the medical treatment. 

Every doctor who doesn't smile would be considered unacceptably rude, and being rude is going to negatively affecting the psychological healing of the patient, and a potential legal action can be pursued.

Patients would be issuing warnings of potential legal actions against the doctors in the event of their love ones being mistreated, or if it seeming so.

Media would be zeroing in hospitals administration's Key Performing Index as mainly on the complaints filed against the ministry. It has nothing exciting else to publicise, not the statistics of patients who are discharged well, not on the boring dengue breeding sites abolishment, not on the blood donation campaign or health prevention activities.

And the doctors who hope to serve like yours sincerely, 

would be wondering why and how, to serve well.

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