Thursday, August 21, 2014


I boarded a plane home.

22F was the seat number allocated (rm6 to request seat, erm, better order coffee I guess)

There was a woman sitting on 22D. A small girl was sitting on 22E.

"Sorry, can I go in?"

The woman rushed out to the isle and asked the small girl, her daugther to come out.

The little girl refuses.

The mother smiled at me apologetically.

I said to the girl, "Then you move in to the window seat?"

"Okay!! But my mama has to sit here," she pointing to her seat.

"Okay,"I cant helped but to smile, it was really funny to me.

The woman thanked me repeatedly, the small girl still did not moving an inch until the mother came near enough, she quickly change her seat to the 22F.

I sat down, on the seatbelt, off my specs and sleep.

I woke up just before we landing, the small girl was deep in sleep, her head on her mother's lap and her legs were akwardly bent on the mirrorl.

That might be on me if I am still sitting on the 22F.

Mother-daughter love is beautiful.

Good night, randoms I know.

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