Friday, August 22, 2014


I cleaned my room today as part of my KPI to do monthly cleaning of the small 2.5steps x 4 steps room of mine.

A lot of pharma drug high quality paper leaflets and their glossy name cards.

I have always think that all this are rather wastage of money and resources.

The way to go for branded pharmaceutical company is to focus on presribing pattern.

It is very difficult for us, to prefer one than the other, if both has the same indications.

It doesnt matter which one drug rep belanja us makan more, but more of presribing pattern.

I have always say that Bisoprolol has done the best job in naming their medications, of all the beta blockers.

Easy to write. (clearly win Carvedilol, dont you agree?)

Good dosing range. (win Carvedilol...)

The one I like the most:

Good shape. - (Uncle, got take the love shape medications?)

Many people do not have clear particular preferance between the three commonly used beta blockers, so it also boils down to the pattern.

So, what bisoprolol has done good is that when I was a new MOs, the particular rep managed to instill a presribing pattern into me.

Suggestion to pharma company to increase the sales of the particular drug:
1. Choose a catchy name, good shape, and good dose
2. Hire me.


Friday night emo song to go to bed with:

Good night people! (ya i sleep early)

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