Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I drink coffee on daily basis.

Every morning I will make the 3 in 1 coffee in my very sophisticated looking thermal mug which fits perfectly into my car mug holder and off I go for the 45 minutes drive.

So nowadays I will have something to buy when I go Tesco or Giant.

Not just stupidically walking around.

And coz one big pack got 15 sticks only, I get to buy 2 different types each time I go shop!

(Syok sendiri I know)

There are so many types of coffee (only the 3 in 1 is taking into consideration), and I only like the White Coffee. 

From the famous Old Town White Coffee, Ah Huat White Coffee, Chek Hup White Coffee, Nescafe White Coffee, etc etc

I have tried most of it and arrived at the conclusion that the best, is.....

This.is still the best.

Penang White Coffee

Sorry I might be bias but this one really strong one.

Ok, back to Astro.

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