Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Off work this week for a course in Johor Bahru.
Hospital Permai.
This is such a big n clean hospital.
Yesterday reached too early and I walked around the hospital. Really big place. And faraway.
But I think mental health hospital needs to be like this. Far away from human.

I can still remember my posting in PSY during fourth year medical student; it was at a hospital on a hill. Good view, fresh air n I think the condition is very condusive for mental healing. 
Sometimes what all mental sickness needs is to be away from people.
Ok. Have a good day at work ppl. While I am lepaking in course.
(Dunno have to wait for how long before the next course :(( )


Arthur the communist said...

wow i can't believe you are still writing i just randomly clicked an old bookmark from my old laptop (not been used for years) and the most updated entry is in 2014!! im impressed!

Ang Choon Seong said...

Hey Arthur! Nothing to do mah write lo! How are you? just last week I think I saw you as super kelefeh in one of TVB series episode, kelefeh as customer for road side hawker. Got ah? is it really you?

Arthur the socialist... said...

holi feck shxt coxk how on Earth did you recognise me... that was a few years back when i had nothing to do scratching my bum everyday XDDDDDDD