Saturday, August 09, 2014


My favourite number is the bad luck number for Chinese.


When I started watching Man Utd, I like Veron very much.

His number was 4.

When I went for Cross Country Run, I did not know that my EOD running in school field subconsciously makes my stamina quite good.

I finished 4th, 

And that was well ahead of a lot of the seasoned school runners. 

I thought I was winning the race when I ran past the fastest man I know in school, only to find another 3 in front of me.

All my friends joked that I am using some dirty tricks of short cut, hitchhiking motorbike and etc. Oh well, I was very dodgy then. Still, I guess.

Then I was roped into the 1.5km run during sports day. I has never ran in a proper athletic race before. But once the whistle went, I just looked down and ran. Of course 1.5km and cross country run is very different, the seasoned runners representing my school and state all sprinted past me after the 1km.

I finished 4th. 

All my years in college and university, if I am given a choice to choose a number;

It would be 4.

Also 4 signifies someone crossed leg and no need to work - according to my mother.

One day If I am able to buy a number for my car - 


dream on Choon.

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