Monday, August 18, 2014

Theory Shampoo

Theory shampoo was a new theory that I eurekaed some 1-2 years ago.

I have always find it very amusing that certain perfume are more favourited than others.

Perfume by definition, smells nice.

Same with shampoo.

I havent come across a shampoo that smells bad.

Then why some are preferred than others?

This is actually can be, most likely because of the user itself.

Not yourself, but the people around you.

If you like the person who is using that particular shampoo, then automatically you like the smell.

Then it became - wah, why your shampoo smells so nice.

And you will never find the shampoo you use smells any tremendously nice.

Is it because we love ourself less than another person?

Or is it because we grow bored with the particular smell of ourselves.

And will we get bored of the smell that we think is nice or bored of the person who is using it?

Theory shampoo simply put into words, the concept of endorsing.

When you mempergodkan someone, everything the fella use, is ichiban.

And shampoo is usually the case.

Sorry, mid night rambling.

Good night people.

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