Saturday, August 02, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Some time ago I was very active in Medical Association.

Many people asked me why I am so free. So semangated. So enthusiastic.

The same was asked many many years ago when I was involved in UKEC, Projek Kalsom and etc.

My answer is the same actually; Because I like to do them.

Not all people do things, with a motive.

Some, just because we like it.

I like doing something out of my usual working requirement.

Not really because I am extremely charitable, or to boast that I have a huge kind heart. Or I am sacrificial.

No, just because I like doing the things - of organising games, activities, events - like hospital night, etc etc.

Anyway, just thought of these things because I was reading through my old emails (clearing emails in the weekend is therapeutic really) and I saw a complaint email from a Senior Doctor in ?Sibu or ?Miri because we (or rather I) organised the team to Sabah last year under the name of Sarawak MMA but no one inform or invite elsewhere doctors other than Kuching doctors to go therefore he is a bit pissed.

Actually difficult to argue with that complaint. He has got his solid point.

Next time make sure will invite Kapit and Baram as well.

or actually, no next time, dont bother doing it at all.

No action =  no complaint is the point I learnt from that.

Happy weekends guys.

(Urgh, tomorrow have to work already - Kedah, why Kedah)

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