Thursday, August 07, 2014

Weekend !

Kept reminiscing life in Edinburgh some 4-5 years ago.

Life was so different then.

Money was not enough then at certain times (especially the last month of the quarterly JPA allowances)

I remembered eating plain Tesco Value roti for whole week, all three meals a day.

(now also never enough la, we human mah like dat lo)

Used to keep thinking future would be so bright and promising, will get this; get that, do this; do that, once starting to work and earn money

But then in the end, when we started to embark on our adult life journey,

all we want everyday

is to go home, 

hope not to feel hungry,

have a good shower,

and then sleep until bored and wake up naturally.

This cheesy song obviously has nothing to do with this entry; but I like her voice.

And tomorrow ladies and gentleman, I can wake up, naturally.

as I have no call this weekend. Off.

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